MOOSOO Powerful Pet Upright Vacuum Review [U1400-MAX Model]

For a good upright vacuum, you cannot go wrong with MOOSOO. By reading this review, you will learn all about one of the best pet upright vacuums that MOOSOO offers, and whether or not it’s right for you.

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Great Design

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this vacuum is its overall design.

The design is great.

Simple, clean, elegant; just a great design, overall.

Since this vacuum offers such a great design, the entire vacuuming process is easy and pleasant.

You won’t have to worry about trying to navigate a poor interface or odd controls.

Simple & Easy Navigation

The act of moving this vacuum, and navigating spaces of all sorts, is never anything less than enjoyable.

Much of this ease comes from the smaller-size of this vacuum, along with its lightweight nature.

You can use this small size to move into tight, narrow spaces that other upright vacuums cannot reach.

For vacuuming in small bedrooms and closets, among other small spaces, this is a great vacuum to use.

Since the vacuum weighs so little, you can pick it up and move it across spaces and surfaces with a fair amount of ease.

All of this makes the entire vacuuming process easy and pleasant.

Some Great Tools

The vacuum comes with two great tools.

Both of these tools enhance the vacuuming process, while granting you more flexibility.

One of these tools is a long, adjustable hose. The other tool is a long crevice tool.

You can use the long, adjustable hose to reach spaces that this vacuum cannot normally reach.

For reaching beds, desks, tables, and walls – among other spaces – this hose is exceptionally useful.

The long crevice tool is, as the name suggests, meant for vacuuming in tight crevices.

You can use this tool to vacuum underneath couches, chairs, behind shelves; and a variety of other spaces that this vacuum cannot normally reach.

A Long Power-Cord

The power cord for this vacuum is 33-feet long.

Due to this length, you can move this vacuum across larger spaces with ease.

You can also use this vacuum outside, if you need to, assuming there’s an outlet nearby.

When you combine the short power-cord with the lightweight nature of the vacuum, you get a mobile, versatile vacuuming experience.

5 Height Adjustment Settings

While vacuuming, you have access to five height adjustment settings.

Each one of these height adjustment settings adjusts the height of the floor head.

For vacuuming hard floors that are low to the ground, you can use one of the lower height adjustment settings.

For vacuuming softer floors that are high to the ground, you can use one of the taller height adjustment settings.

No matter what, though, you always have access to these settings. That way, you can always reach the higher or lower parts of the surface you are vacuuming.

Absolutely Fantastic Suction

The total suction power this upright vacuum offers is 20KPa.

Sure, that may not sound like it a lot. But, in Watts, that’s 1,400-Watts of suction.

You can use all of this suction to vacuum soft and hard surfaces with tremendous ease.

Vacuuming on rugs and carpets is quite easy. You can remove the dirt, dust, and debris within those surfaces.

Vacuuming on hard surfaces – hardwood floors, for example – is much easier. You can remove the dirt, dust, and debris on those surfaces.

For a good vacuuming experience – one that’s great for any surface – this is a great vacuum.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Pet Vacuum

In the end, the MOOSOO Powerful Pet Upright Vacuum is a fantastic pet vacuum. As such, if that’s what you need, then this is a great choice!

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