National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree Review

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about your Christmas tree. Some people prefer a real tree, but if someone in your family has allergies or you just don’t want to deal with a tree shedding needles all over your floor, an artificial tree is the way to go. The National Tree Company’s PreLit Artificial Full Christmas Tree is one of the best options on the market. Here’s why you should consider it as your next holiday tree!

The Height
Measuring a commanding 10 feet tall from base to crown, the National Tree Company’s stately tree will bring the holiday season to life in your living room. At 70 inches in diameter, the tree will give you plenty of room to display even the largest collection of holiday ornaments. Of note: the average ceiling height in United States is eight feet tall, meaning this tree would be too tall to fit in the average house. A wide variety of other artificial tree sizes and styles are available for purchase from the National Tree Company if this particular tree is too tall for your house.

High Quality
Based in the United States, the National Tree Company has a distinguished history stretching back more than 60 years and three generations of the same family. Rest assured that any tree purchased from the National Tree Company will last for years to come.

Realistic Branches
The tree’s numerous branches boast a needle pattern that is based off of the needles from a real pine tree, which greatly increases the artificial tree’s realism and improves its appearance. The branches are sturdy enough to support all of your ornaments, and they are hinged for easy storage. Plan to spend 45-60 minutes unfolding each branch for the most realistic shape.

Prelit Tree
The tree comes pre-lit with strings of white light for your convenience. It is decorated with 1200 twinkling white lights that will coordinate well with all of your ornaments, and it saves you time by not having to string your tree with lights each year. Multi-colored lights are also an available option on certain tree styles. Even if a bulb burns out, the lights will continue to twinkle, and each bulb can be replaced individually.

Long-Lasting and Safe
Included in the tree purchase is a strong and durable metal tree stand that folds flat for easy storage. Having a strong base ensures that the tree will not unexpectedly tip over should the family cat decide to climb the tree! The tree’s needles are hypoallergenic and made out of a fire-resistant material.

Where to Buy
Available to purchase from Amazon, the The National Tree Company’s PreLit Artificial Full Christmas Tree qualifies for free shipping and can arrive at your doorstep in less than a week, leaving you plenty of time to get ready for the holidays. Here’s to happy decorating and happy holidays!

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