Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System Review

With the Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System, you can enjoy minimum effort with maximum output. It allows you to blend, crush, process, and extract nutrients, all in one convenient kitchen appliance. If you want to make refreshing frozen drinks or spicy salsas, create nutritious purees or smoothies, or produce cookie or pizza dough, this Ninja product has got you covered. In this article, we’ll look at the Mega Kitchen System in detail and assess whether or not this device from Ninja makes the cut.

Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System

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The Features

Unobtrusive design

The Ninja BL770AMZ is a relatively small yet mighty appliance. The device is sized at 7.48 x 9.45 x 18.11 inches (length, width, and height) and weighs 12.41 pounds, allowing it to sit pretty on your countertop without getting in the way or taking up space. It’s equally convenient to store away when not in use.


The Mega Kitchen system has a powerful 1500-watt motor base to cut through any ingredient, whether it’s blending fruit and vegetables or chopping up ice.

Variable speeds

With this appliance, you’re in control. It has four dedicated blending speeds to suit all your culinary needs.

Ninja BL770AMZ Review


The BL770AMZ isn’t called a Mega Kitchen System for nothing. It’s equipped to effectively carry out four versatile functions: mixing dough, crushing ice, blending drinks, and processing ingredients—all in one processor bowl. The appliance includes a Dough Blade to mix up your dough ingredients and a Chopping Blade to process ice, fruit, and vegetables.

Extra-large blending pitcher

The appliance’s Total Crushing Pitcher is an impressive 72 ounces (with a 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity). It has the capacity to pulverize ice into snow in mere seconds, making it the perfect maker of creamy frozen drinks, cocktails, and smoothies. The large pitcher allows you to make big batches of drinks, including margaritas, daiquiris, and resort-style beverages.

Food processor bowl

The processor’s bowl has an eight-cup capacity with two sharp, dedicated blades. The bowl allows for ideal, fast, even chopping; it can even create up to two pounds of dough in just 30 seconds!

To-go cup

Want to take your delicious creations to go? The Nutri Ninja Cup with its To-Go Lid holds up to 16 ounces, allowing you to take any of your personalized, nutritious, delicious juices and smoothies anywhere you choose.

Dishwasher safe

For ease of clean-ups, the appliance’s cups, pitcher, blades, and lids are all dishwasher safe.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Other inclusions

Aside from the powerful motor base, Total Crushing Pitcher, Food Processor Bowl, and Nutri Ninja Cup with To-Go Lid, the device comes with Stacked Blade Assembly, Dough Blade Assembly, Chopping Blade Assembly, Pro Extractor Blades Assembly, and an Inspiration Guide

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Users for the Ninja BL770AMZ have praised its safety features, blending power, and overall value for money. Its pros have been identified as:
  • Powerful food processor—effective for all vegetables and fruit
  • The suction system means it attaches securely to the countertop
  • It gives fantastic consistency to frozen cocktails
  • It’s easy to use
  • The safety mechanisms (lid and base must be adequately secured or it won’t work) are a major plus—especially if there are kids in the kitchen

The Cons

  • Although users of the Mega Kitchen System give the appliance an overall high rating, they have pointed out some cons:
  • Handwashing can be tricky, especially as the blade is very sharp
  • You have to clean the base after every use to ensure the appliance’s longevity (even if there’s only a tiny bit of residue on it)
  • The individual serving cup is on the small side
  • The device can be awkward for left-handed people to use

Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System Review

The Verdict

Overall, Ninja has created a highly convenient, quick, and helpful kitchen appliance that carries out several functions in one. The Ninja BL770AMZ is a handy addition to any kitchen, allowing its users to create dough, drinks, dips, salsas, purees, and smoothies with minimum fuss. It’s a powerful device that easily cuts through ice, fruit, and vegetables. The main downsides appear to be related to cleaning the appliance—arguably a bugbear that comes with most kitchen devices.

Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System, 72 oz....
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 1500-watt motor base to power through ingredients whether your blending or food processing.
  • BLENDING PITCHER: 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and...
  • FOOD PROCESSOR BOWL: 8-Cup Food Processor Bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 lbs. of dough...

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