As a brand, NOVETE is both relatively new, and somewhat lacking in products. Today, they promote around 20 individual products. From electric shavers to cordless vacuums, the selection is quite diverse. While NOVETE may not be the most popular brand, they have produced a wonderful cordless stick vacuum. This vacuum isn’t very well-known, but it is, undeniably, very well-made.

NOVETE Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

In this quick review, we’re going to be looking at the cordless stick vacuum that NOVETE has manufactured. We’re going to look at the different features that it offers, and what those features can do for you.

Before we get into the vacuum itself, though, we need to define what a cordless stick vacuum actually is.

So, What Is A Cordless Stick Vacuum?

First off, a cordless stick vacuum is, as you probably figured out, cordless. You don’t need to plug it into any kind of power socket. Instead, it relies on a battery that you can recharge. This is both a convenience and an inconvenience, to some people.

It’s convenient because you aren’t restricted to the length of the cord. But, it can be inconvenient due to the fact that you are now restricted to a specific period of battery-life. As well as the recharge time for that particular battery.

NOVETE Cordless Stick Vacuum

Second, a stick vacuum is similar to an Upright Vacuum, but a little different. Now, an upright vacuum is the most common type of vacuum. It tends to be tall, and rather bulky. But it is very powerful and, due to its common nature, very affordable.

Stick vacuums are, essentially, smaller and more portable versions of lightweight vacuums. They don’t have the same level of power, but they make up for that with their mobility and versatility.

So, in the end, a cordless stick vacuum is a lightweight version of an upright vacuum. Due to being cordless, you have a vacuum that is exceptionally easy to use and maneuver.

What Features Does The NOVETE Cordless Stick Vacuum Offer?

When you first pick up the vacuum, you’ll notice it’s light. Very light. Only 2.8 pounds. While this isn’t particularly unusual for a cordless stick vacuum, it is one of the lightest that you can find.

You’ll then notice that the dust cup is quite small. But, easy to detach. With the press of a single button, you can remove it, and then dump its contents out.

At first, you may not notice the battery, due to its size. However, when you do, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is also easy to detach.

NOVETE Stick Vacuum


Attached to the dust cup is a filter. This is what’s known as a “High-Density HEPA Filter”. It’s a simple filter, but it works exceptionally well. Especially if you have allergies.

How the filter works; it takes the different particles and allergens from the air, and then it traps these particles in the filter. The air itself is released but without the nasty allergens and other particles.

All of the dirt, dust, debris, and other particles are sucked into the dust cup. After that, you simply detach the dust cup and empty it into the garbage.

As for the battery, on a single charge, it can last for up to 40 minutes. To recharge, you’ll need to wait four hours. Due to the efficiency of the vacuum, this should be more than enough time to get most – if not all – cleaning done.

NOVETE Cordless Stick Vacuum, Ultralight 2-in-1 Cleaner with 2 Suction Modes


On the bottom of the vacuum, you’ll notice a few things. First, there is a two-in-one floor and carpet brush that has an LED attached to it. This makes it a lot easier for you to see exactly what is being cleaned.

Then, you’ll notice that there are two nozzles. A brush nozzle, which is used to clean certain fabrics more efficiently. As well as a flat nozzle, which is designed to be used in smaller and more narrow spaces.

All of these things add up to a suction power of 7KPA, which is quite good. Especially for a stick vacuum.

The NOVETE cordless stick vacuum works exceptionally well on all manner of surfaces.

– Carpets
– Hardwood floors
– Stone floors

The NOVETE can easily vacuum up all kinds of debris. From snack crumbs to chunks of pet hair.



Ultimately, the NOVETE cordless stick vacuum is great. It may lack some of the functionality and features of other stick vacuums, but it works. And it works very well! If you want a good cordless stick vacuum, and you don’t care about any of the extras that other vacuums come with, then this is a great choice!

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