Nu Cobalt NC5211 Waterjet Pool Cleaner Review

For a powerful and affordable pool cleaner, you cannot go wrong with the Nu Cobalt NC5211 Water Jet Pool Cleaner.

Nu Cobalt NC5211 Waterjet Pool Cleaner

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Right off the bat, let’s start off with one of the most notable features this pool cleaner offers: affordability.

You won’t need to spend much money to acquire this pool cleaner.

Rather, you can spend a fairly small sum of money – relative to other pool cleaners – to acquire a reliable and efficient water jet pool cleaner.

For Above Ground Pools

You can use this water jet pool cleaner in above ground pools.

You can also use this pool cleaner in other flat bottom pools.

As for other pools, though, this pool cleaner isn’t quite meant for pools that go beyond those particular specifications.

Furthermore, for you to use this pool cleaner in an above ground pool, there’s a few very specific requirements that must be fulfilled.

Your above ground pool must not be larger than 24-feet in size. So, if your pool is larger than 24-feet, this isn’t the right pool cleaner to use.

Along with that, the pool must not be any deeper than 5-feet in depth.

Since these measurements are in place, you can see why this pool cleaner is ideal for above ground pools, rather than in-ground pools.

Designed To Clean Floors

The Nu Cobalt NC5211 Waterjet Pool Cleaner is designed to clean the floors of your swimming pool.

As the pool cleaner moves across the floors of your pool, dirt, gunk, and grime is scraped off or vacuumed away.

All of this allows your floors to look and feel as pristine as they can possibly be.

Since this pool cleaner is meant to clean floors, it cannot clean walls, corners, or steps.

For cleaning those surfaces, you will need to do so manually. Or, you can also invest in another pool cleaner. But, if you own an above ground pool, know that there aren’t as many options for pool cleaners, due to the unique shape and design of most above ground pools.

Driven By Water Jets

For you to use this pool cleaner, you will need to plug in the included power cord.

Once you do this, the pool cleaner will have electricity flowing through its systems, allowing the pool cleaner to begin moving across your space and cleaning what’s in your path.

Of course, that’s only one part of the equation.

To ensure that this pool cleaner can move with speed and efficiency, while also vacuuming up what is in your pool, you must also attach the pool cleaner to your pool’s water jet system.

By doing this, large quantities of water can begin flowing through the pool cleaner.

All of this water works to propel the pool cleaner forward, allowing it to move across the floor of your pool in a speedy manner.

Furthermore, these water jets also allow the pool cleaner to vacuum the dirt, gunk, and grime on the surface of your pool.

Every drop of this is sucked into the pool cleaner, and thrown into a filter.

You can detach this filter, empty its contents into the trash, and reattach it.

Good Cord Length

The total length of this pool cleaner’s cord is 40-feet.

Since the cord is quite long, the pool cleaner can move across the spaces in your pool without becoming impeded.

You won’t need to worry about untangling the cord, or finding the pool cleaner blocked due to the cord.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Waterjet Pool Cleaner

In the end, if you want a fantastic waterjet pool cleaner, the Nu Cobalt NC5211 is a great purchase!

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