Right now, we’re going to compare two canister cyclonic vacuums. The Ovente ST2620B, and the ST2000.

Both of these cyclonic canister vacuums come directly from Ovente, and they are both excellent vacuum cleaners. However, they are both a little different, when it comes to the features and attributes that they offer.

Ovente ST2620B vs ST2000

Chances are, one of these cyclonic canister vacuums is the better choice for you. By the end of this article, you’ll know which one that is.

Now, let’s dive right into it!

Ovente ST2620B

The Ovente ST2620B is a small and lightweight vacuum that weighs only 12 pounds. It is very easy to use and handle, due to its lightweight nature, and simplistic design.

Ovente ST2000 vs ST2620B

When using the vacuum, you’ll have access to 1200 watts of sheer suction power. This allows for the ST2620B to have something known as “nonstop suction”, which refers to the fact that this vacuum maintains the same powerful suction speed, at all times, while it is running. It doesn’t diverge or differentiate from that speed.

Using this suction system, you can deep clean just about any surface. Whether it’s a hardwood floor, a marble floor, or a thick rug, you can clean it, and you can get rid of all of the nasty dirt and debris that is on your floors.

To aid in the overall cleaning performance, Ovente has provided a variety of different tools/accessories. You have access to the sofa/pet brush, which is good for softer surfaces and for gathering up pet hair. Then, you have the floor brush, which is meant for all types of floors. You also have the crevice tool/bristle brush which is small and compact, with strong bristles, making it easier to clean in smaller nooks, crannies, and crevices, while giving you the same level of power as the other brushes. Finally, there is the telescopic metal wand, which is quite long, allowing you to clean spaces that are further away or higher up, such as your ceiling or underneath your couch. With the press of a button, you can adjust this wand, as well, making it easier to reach those spaces.

Ovente ST2000

As for the filtration, the Ovente ST2620B uses a basic HEPA-filtration system that captures 99.9% of all small particles, as long as they aren’t any smaller than 0.3 microns. For reference, 0.3 microns is, according to Ovente, 300-times smaller than a single strand of hair.

One of the main purposes behind a HEPA-filtration system is the fact that it can more thoroughly get rid of the germs and allergens that are in the particles you are vacuuming up. Then, the filter can more effectively dispose of these particles, preventing the germs and allergens from leaving, and infecting your body.

Disposing of the dirt, dust, and debris is simple since the ST2620B uses a bagless system. So, to empty the vacuum, all you need to do is grab the canister and empty it into your garbage. You’ll know when it’s full, since the dust compartment is completely translucent, and there is a small LED that will flash red when it is full.

Now, this is a corded canister cyclonic vacuum, which for some people, might be annoying, since cords have a tendency to become tangled and ensnared with other objects. However, Ovente has designed this vacuum with a small button that grabs the cord and pulls it back into the vacuum. That way, you don’t need to fuss around with the cord all of the time. Instead, just press the button, and that’s that.

Ovente ST2000 Canister Cyclonic Vacuum

Ovente ST2000

The Ovente ST2000 is a very similar canister cyclonic vacuum. There really aren’t that many notable differences. You should expect the same performance, the same design, and all of the same basic features.

However, the one big difference is the fact that the Ovente ST2000 lacks the pet cleaning brush that the Ovente ST2620B comes with. Now, if you don’t actually have any need for a pet cleaning brush, then this really isn’t a huge deal for you. However, if you do, and you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, then you should stick with the Ovente ST2620B.

Ovente ST2620B Canister Cyclonic Vacuum


At the end of the day, the Ovente ST2620B and the Ovente ST2000 are both great canister cyclonic vacuums. However, if you have pets and want to be able to adequately clean up your pet’s messes, then you should go with the Ovente ST2620B. If you don’t, then the Ovente ST2000 will work just as well!

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