Pentair 520554 vs 520555 vs 521105 IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator Cells

For a good salt chlorine generator cell, you cannot go wrong with Pentair. That’s why, in this guide, you will learn all about the three best salt chlorine generator cells that Pentair offers.

Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator Cells Comparison

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Pentair 520554

Right away, you will notice the display on this device.

You can glance at this display any time you want. By doing so, you can see the salt levels, just how clean the cell is, the current water flow rate, as well as the sanitizer output.

Right by this display, there are two buttons. By pressing these two buttons, you can adjust what this salt chlorine generator cell is doing.

That way, if the salt levels aren’t ideal, you can change them. Or, if the sanitation process isn’t coming along as quickly as you want, you can press two buttons and adjust those qualities, as well.

To enhance the experience, the cell contains a tracking system. A tracking system that you can access, using the display.

Accessing the tracking system gives you the ability to see just how long the cell will last. That way, you know when the cell will soon die, giving you time to find a suitable replacement.

Every now and then, depending on where you live, the temperature of your water may change greatly.

Sometimes, these changes are severe. So severe that they can damage the device, as well as the cell that it relies on.

To prevent any damages from occuring, the device will turn off automatically, whenever the water becomes too cold. That way, the device remains safe and useful, even if the water is cold.

For a good salt chlorine generator cell that offers efficiency and longevity, you cannot go wrong with the Pentair 520554.

Pentair 520555

The Pentair 520555 is, in many ways, not unlike the various other Pentair salt chlorine generator cells. But, that’s okay, because this device takes the features those cells offer, improves upon them in a few ways, and keeps the features that work very well.

Just as with the other variations of this device, you will see a small display on this device.

You can glance at this display and, in doing so, access a wide variety of data points. Some of these data points include the current water flow, current salt levels, the sanitation output, as well as the cleanliness of the cell this device relies on.

All of this information is easy-to-access. Furthermore, making use of this information is also quite easy.

To ensure the experience is easy and convenient, this device offers a cell-tracking feature.

You can, with this feature, see the current remaining lifespan of the cell. By doing so, you can then figure out just how long this cell is going to last. That way, when the cell dies, you will be able to have a replacement on-hand, rather than being surprised by the event.

Just as with the other Pentair salt chlorine generator cells, this one has an auto-shut-off feature for when the water is too cold. Due to this feature, you won’t have to worry about the water becoming too cold, and damaging the device, since this device will shut off automatically before that can happen.

Calcium and scale can, over time, build up. But, this device prevents that from happening, due to an on-time cycling feature. You won’t have to deal with a build-up of calcium and scale.

In the end, if you need a powerful, reliable, and elaborate salt chlorine generator cell, then the Pentair 520555 is a fantastic purchase.

Pentair 521105

The Pentair 521105 is quite similar to the two salt chlorine generator cells that we looked at earlier.

Even so, though, there is one major difference.

The difference this salt chlorine generator cell offers is in volume and output.

You can use this device to produce chlorine within a pool that is 60,000-gallons. And, in using this device in a pool of that size, you can produce up to 2-pounds of chlorine, every 24-hours.

The Pentair 520554, by contrast, is meant for pools with a volume of 20,000-gallons. As such, that device can only produce 0.70-poundss of chlorine every 24-hours.

The Pentair 520555 is, by contrast once again, meant for pools with a volume of 40,000-gallons. Since this is a higher volume than the 520554, the total output is 1.4-pounds of chlorine every 24-hours.

In the end, if the other devices in this guide sound great, but you have a large pool with significant chlorine needs, then the Pentair 521105 is a great purchase!

Pentair 520554 IntelliChlor IC20

Pentair 520555 IntelliChlor IC40

Pentair 521105 IntelliChlor IC60

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