In this article, we’re going to be looking at the Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier. Now, this is a high-end air purifier that is meant for people who want a high-end air purification experience.

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn about the features and attributes that the Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier offers. You’ll also learn the flaws and downsides that it presents. Finally, you’ll learn who it’s for, and whether or not that person is you!

Review of the Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier

What Features And Attributes Does The Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier Offer?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that not only is it fairly lightweight for an Air Purifier – especially when you consider the myriad of features it offers – but that it is also very beautiful, on an aesthetic level. Weighing just 18.2 pounds, moving the purifier around is a pretty simple task, and due to the aesthetic, it goes with just about anything.

You’ll also notice that the air purifier is designed to take in air from both of its sides. Most Air Purifiers only take in air from one side, rather than both sides. This is an enhancement because it ensures that more air is filtered and purified.

As for the MAC – Maximum Area Coverage – the Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier can cover up to 700 square feet of space. The CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate – is 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute).

It may not be the largest amount of space, but the purification that does take place is exceptional. And you can be assured that the entirety of your room/space will have air that is nice and clean, without any nasty pollutants or other contaminants.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier

Even if you are using the highest fan speed, the air purifier only uses 60 watts of electricity. Countless other air purifiers are less powerful and use even more electricity than this one. And that is the crux of the design philosophy behind this air purifier: everything is efficient, streamlined, and maximized in the best possible way.

The same goes for the noise that is produced. Using a specialized filter media known as “polypropylene”, more air is processed and filtered, and yet the fan speeds remain nice and low, to not produce too much noise. This is really special, because a lot of air purifiers, especially the high-powered ones, make a lot of noise. Fortunately, the Blue Pure 121 does not!


As for the filtration itself, it consists of a three-stage system. This system is very effective, and it can capture up to 99% of all pollutants and contaminants. Things like pollen, dust, dander, dust mites, viruses, fungi, cigarette smoke, and even odors, as well.

When you purchase the air purifier, you’ll find that it comes with two pre-filters. These pre-filters are used to capture the bigger particles. Particles such as thicker chunks of dust and pet hair and fur.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier Review

Once those bigger particles have been removed, the rest moves into the HEPA-filter, which is designed to remove even the smallest and most minuscule of particles. As mentioned earlier, this is a very powerful filter, and it can remove just about anything.

This is so important, because the filtration technology is so advanced and so efficient, that it enables you to reduce the risk of getting sick and to reduce the risk of you breathing in other nasty chemicals and matter that may be in your air.

There is another filter, as well. Now, this filter is known as an “activated carbon filter”. It takes in things like the odor from cigarette smoke, or even odors from cooking and from pets, and it gets rid of them.

Blue Pure 121

If you live in a home where there seems to be no end to the bad smells, then this type of filter is incredibly useful.

Ultimately, if there is a flaw with this absolutely fantastic air purifier, it’s the price. It isn’t unreasonable, necessarily, as much as it’s just quite high. But, you are paying a premium for all of these extra features.


In the end, the Blue Pure 121 is an absolutely amazing air purifier. It is one of the best that you can find on the market, and as such, if you are looking for something that is incredibly powerful and incredibly well-designed, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic air purifier.

Blue Pure 121 Review

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