You may have never heard of Electrolux – they aren’t one of the most popular brands – but that doesn’t mean they don’t manufacture good vacuums.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the Electrolux EL4015A. This is a bagged canister vacuum that is designed to perform well while remaining easy to use and quiet.

As a quick refresher, a canister vacuum is a vacuum that is in the shape of a canister. It doesn’t stand tall or upright, and because of this, it is far more versatile than that of a standard upright vacuum.

Electrolux Bagged EL4015A Silent Performer Canister Vacuum Review

Now, let’s begin by taking a look at the features and attributes of the Electrolux EL4015A!

What Does The Electrolux EL4015A Offer?

Let’s start with a key feature that is mentioned in the title. The Electrolux EL4015A is designed to be silent. And, fortunately, it is!

Using a system known as “Silence Pro”, the three main components of this vacuum – the main canister, the motor, and the powerhead – make very little noise. This is because they have been engineered, from the ground up, to provide a great deal of performance, without making too much noise.

If you want a canister vacuum that is convenient and quiet, then this is a great choice. Even when using the higher settings, it makes very little noise.

Now, this is a bagged canister vacuum. As such, the filtration is a little different, in comparison to other canister vacuums, many of which are bagless.

Electrolux Bagged EL4015A Review

The filtration system is what’s known as a “clean-air filtration system”, and it uses HEPA-technology to take in all kinds of particles – big and small – and then it breaks them apart and releases clean air. It can break up particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Accessing the dust bag and the filter is very simple. They are on the top of the canister, and you can press a button to release both of them, and then you can take the dust bag and empty it, or grab the filter and rinse it out.

One of the greatest things about the Electrolux EL4015A is the fact that it can clean just about anything. And anything it cleans, it cleans well.

This is accomplished using a small, but versatile, floor nozzle. You can use this nozzle on hard and soft flooring, and it will suck up any type of debris, as long as it isn’t too big.

Then, you have a motorized powerhead. The motorized powerhead is great for more thorough cleaning. It can pick up larger pieces of dirt and debris, and it generally works better for carpeting. Whereas the floor nozzle isn’t always the most effective when used on carpeting.

Electrolux Bagged EL4015A

Both of these things are connected to a small “Speed Control” switch. Using this switch, you can change how fast the vacuum is running. For most hard floors, you don’t need to turn it up that high, unless there’s a lot of dirt on the ground. But, with carpeting, you’ll probably want to turn it up a bit higher, just so that things can be cleaned a bit more efficiently.

To aid in the versatility and flexibility of the vacuum, there is a 360-Degree Motion technology that the Electrolux EL4015A has been designed with. You can move the power brush 360-degrees, and this allows you to more easily move it into corners and across edges and into smaller and more narrow spaces.

Of course, there are also some accessories that this vacuum comes with, as well. You have a 3-in-1 crevice too. This tool is for cleaning small corners and spaces that neither the floor nozzle nor the power brush, can reach.

Electrolux Bagged EL4015A Canister Vacuum

You also have a small dusting brush, for gently getting the dust off of various surfaces. Finally, you have an upholstery nozzle. This nozzle is great because it enables you to clean your stairs, as well as other upholstery such as your couch and even things like armchairs.

Ultimately, the biggest flaw is that the components are mostly plastic, and they aren’t particularly durable and have been known to damage rather easily.


The Electrolux EL4015A is a really convenient canister vacuum. It’s relatively silent, and you can clean just about anything with it.

Now, it may not have any extra features or anything that really distinguishes it from other canister vacuums, but it’s not designed to have any of those extra features or capabilities.

Instead, if you want a no-frills, easy-to-use, canister vacuum, you really can’t go wrong with the Electrolux EL4015A.

Electrolux Bagged EL4015A Canister Vacuum Review

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