In this article, we’re going to be talking all about the Ring Video Doorbell Elite. This is the “Elite” version of the Ring Video Doorbell, and as such, it includes a variety of unique features that are exclusive to this particular version of the product.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Of course, this doesn’t describe what the Ring Video Doorbell Elite actually does, or what its actual purpose, as a device, really is.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn what the Ring Video Doorbell Elite does, along with the myriad of unique and useful features that it offers, and what those features do, and how they will affect your overall experience with the device.

However, before we dive into that, we’re going to define what the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is, and what its main function is, so that, when we’re looking at the different features this device offers, you’ll have a good understanding of the underlying purpose of those particular features.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite Review

What Is The Ring Video Doorbell Elite?

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite is what’s known as a “Smart Security System”. Now, there has been a lot of back-and-forth debate about what, exactly, a “Smart Security System” is, but, essentially, a Smart Security System, is a security system that allows you to access the data it is producing, and the individual components of that system, using your smartphone, and other Smart devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

With the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, you have a doorbell that gives you a few great features. We’ll talk more about the specifics of these features within the guide itself, but, essentially, this is a doorbell that allows you to see who is at the door, through the use of a camera, and to talk to that person directly. They can’t see you, but you can see them.

To access this camera, you just need to have your smartphone, computer, or another smart device. And, since this device is “Amazon Certified” it works wonderfully with Amazon Echo, as well as many other Smart devices, giving you the freedom to use this Smart Security System the way you want to use it, while also ensuring that your home is safe and secure.

Video Doorbell Elite

What Does The Ring Video Doorbell Elite Offer?

Right before we dive into the different features and individual traits that the Ring Video Doorbell Elite offers, there is one feature that we really should mention.

Unlike many other Smart Security Systems – although, this is a feature that they should all have – the warranty for the Ring Video Doorbell Elite includes something known as “Lifetime Theft Protection”. Essentially, what this means is that if the doorbell gets stolen – even if you bought the device, they will replace it for you, for no cost.

Now, this is an fantastic policy, especially when you consider the fact that this is a rather expensive device, and while it is very useful and a great device, in general, the price is quite hefty.

The design of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is very simple and clearcut. It is not a particularly complex device, and when you look at the device, it’s very easy to tell which elements are which, and the different features that those elements correspond to.

Video Doorbell Elite – Ring

On the front of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite – and this is the side that you will be seeing the most, as will the people who come up to your door – there is a camera. This camera has a resolution of 1080P, which is High-Definition. For a Smart Security System, this is a very good resolution, and it ensures that whoever is at your door, you will be able to see their faces very clearly.

When the device is running – and it should always be running, since this is a security device – you can use your smartphone – or computer, or tablet, for that matter – to log in and to look at the camera and to see what is going on. You have access to a live video feed of whatever is going on, and this live video feed doesn’t just include audio, it also includes audio, as well. So, not only will you be able to see whoever is at the door, but you will also be able to hear them, and whatever they say or do.

Using your smartphone – assuming your smartphone has a microphone, or you are wearing headphones with a microphone – you can then connect to the Ring Video Doorbell Elite and speak into the device so that the person at the door can hear you. There is a small speaker, and this speaker is quite good, and it’s very clear, so they will always be able to hear you, even if there is a bit of noise in the background.

On the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, there is a microphone located on the front of the device. This microphone is so that the person at the door can speak to you, as well. It’s also the device that you will be using when looking at the live video feed because that is how the sound is recorded and then transmitted to you.

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite

All in all, with this aspect of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, it does excel. The camera itself is of high quality, having a great resolution. You can see what is going on, at all times. The microphone works fine as well. All of the noise that is at your door is registered and then transmitted to you, with complete ease.

Naturally, though, while this is a simple device, and it doesn’t have a huge variety of different features and options for you, there are a couple of other key elements that must be discussed. And, one of these elements is the fact that, since this is an Amazon Certified product, it works very well with Amazon Echo.

Using your Amazon Echo, if you connect it to the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, you can simply say a command aloud, and this will bring up, on your phone or other smart devices, the live video feed, and you can also use the Amazon Echo to directly talk to the person at the door, since the Amazon Echo is a device that uses a microphone for all of its features.

Motion detectors are built into the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, and these motion detectors serve a few purposes. For one, they’re used to detect motion, and when these motion detectors detect any motion, this sends an alert to your smartphone. You can then activate this alert, and go to the live video feed of what is happening. Here’s the thing, though, there are a few different detectors, that are used.

There are detectors that are built into the doorbell itself, sending you a notification when someone presses the doorbell or touches the console of the doorbell, and then there are also several other detectors located around the doorbell itself, and these, when activated, will also send out a notification to you, so that you can see what is going on.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite Review

Using these motion detectors, you not only have an extra layer of security, but you also have an extra layer of customization and control. Through the use of the app that is used to control the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, you can customize the detectors and the motion zones that they use to actually figure out what it is, exactly, that they should be focusing on and detecting. You have complete control over these motion zones, which makes it really easy to tailor them to the specific areas in your yard – or whatever area the camera is pointed at – that you want them to focus on the most.

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite works with ethernet. And, if you choose to use this ethernet functionality, you will find that it is a very nice and enjoyable experience, because you will always be online – assuming, of course, that you paid the internet bill – and you don’t need to rely on batteries, due to the ethernet connection and the fact that it transmits power to the doorbell itself.

Ultimately, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is a fantastic device! It’s a simple device, and while it may not come with a wide variety of different features and individual attributes, it really doesn’t need to, because it does a great job serving its main function – that of being a Smart Security System – using the basic features that it has. And, in actuality, it is one of the best Smart Security Systems that is on the market today.

Review of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite


If you’re willing to spend some extra money, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is an excellent choice for a Smart Security System. It’s easily one of the best Smart Security Systems on the market, and the camera and microphone are of fantastic quality! With the motion sensors, as well, you have an extra layer of security and safety that is very nice, as well! And, all in all, these features make the experience truly pleasant!