Roborock is by no means one of the more popular robot vacuum manufacturers. In comparison to the more well-known and recognizable brands, they aren’t particularly familiar (yet). Needless to say, however, this does not, in any way, mean that the quality of their robot vacuums is worse than those other brands. Far from it.

Roborock Xiaowa E20 Robot Vacuum Review

In this brief review, we’re going to be looking at the Roborock Xiaowa E20. This is a high-tech robot vacuum that too many people are unfamiliar with. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea as to what this vacuum can do for you!

What Features Does The Roborock Xiaowa E20 Offer?

Before we get into the specific features, it’s worth noting the overall aesthetic and design of the vacuum.

It comes in two colors – white, and dark grey (the E25 model) – and it weighs a total of seven pounds. In terms of height, it is just barely over three-and-a-half inches.

When it comes to weight, however, for a robot vacuum, this is actually a somewhat unusual weight, but as you’ll see soon enough, there is quite a bit jammed into this package.

On the top of the vacuum, there are three buttons.

– A power button.
– A button that tells the vacuum to recharge.
– A “Spot Clean” button that tells the vacuum to clean the spot that it is currently on thoroughly.

Chances are, however, you won’t really be using those buttons very much, if at all. See, the Roborock Xiaowa E20 has smartphone functionality, which means the only thing you really need to do is go on your smartphone and press a few buttons.

Roborock Xiaowa E20 Robot Vacuum

Using the app, you have access to many features. You can start the robot vacuum, stop it, schedule it, customize the settings. You can also tell the robot to clean a specific spot extra thoroughly, tell it to charge itself, and even control it using directional buttons.

Perhaps, though, none of this would be particularly important if the vacuum wasn’t very powerful. Fortunately, it definitely is!

Using 1800Pa suction, any kind of dust, dirt, and debris is easily sucked up. It’s sucked into an extra-large dirt bin that is especially convenient, enabling you to only empty it every so often, rather than frequently.

During the cleaning process, there is a small water tank and mop cloth. This water tank doesn’t leave any water behind, but it does ensure that there is a bit of moisture on the surfaces that it is cleaning. This makes it easier for the vacuum to brush it up and clean it more effectively.

You can choose to use this small water tank and mop cloth, or not because there are six individual cleaning modes. One of which is an Automatic Carpet Mode, that makes cleaning your carpet much easier. The other modes are Quiet, Mopping, Balanced, Turbo, and Max mode. Each one designed for different floor types and levels of dirt.

However, while these things are nice and all, it’s really the advanced navigation system that is truly notable…

Roborock Xiaowa E20

What Is The “Dual-Gyroscope Navigation System?”

Above all else, this is the most notable feature that Roborock has added to their Xiaowa line of robot vacuums. Everything else is excellent, no doubt, this new navigation system is truly exceptional.

Using thirteen different sensors, navigation is made to be very easy and very efficient. The Dual-Gyroscope Navigation System enables the vacuum to sense all kinds of different “operating angles” for the most efficient cleaning path. Then, while cleaning, it adjusts its own body to be in alignment with those angles.

When used in conjunction with dual-optical motion tracking sensors, each step can be calculated for the most overall efficiency. But, along with this, a map is created that enables the vacuum to create and find new pathways more efficiently.

This is especially interesting because you can use this with the Spot Cleaning feature. Using your smartphone, you can simply choose a spot on the map, and the vacuum will go over and clean that particular spot, with more thoroughness then other spots it has cleaned/will clean.

Roborock E20

So, Is The Roborock Xiaowa E20 The Right Vacuum For Me?

Here’s the thing, the Roborock Xiaowa E20 is an incredible robot vacuum. It is very advanced and offers the peak of convenience, power, efficiency, and navigation.

For all of those reasons, it is a truly great purchase especially if you want the best. But, for those same reasons, it may not be the best choice for you if you really don’t need that level of performance.

This is a “high-end” robot vacuum, and as such, it is a bit more expensive than other models. And if you don’t think you’ll use all of these features, then it’s best to find a model that is a bit less expensive, and perhaps, more focused on the basic features.

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Well, that’s it for this Roborock Xiaowa E20 Review. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robot Vacuum that’s best for you see our full guide on robot vacuums here.

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