Roomba i2 vs. Eufy 11S: Robot Vacuum Comparison

The age-old question always comes to mind for homeowners, when should I start cleaning my house? Well, now you don’t have to ask yourself that any longer. The simple solution is to get yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner. Then comes, when you must choose the right one for your home and lifestyle.

In this article we will be looking at the iRobot Roomba i2 and compare it to the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S. These two products are some favorites on the market with multiple customers buying them.

Roomba i2 on Carpet
Roomba i2 on Carpet

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What are the similarities and differences between the Roomba i2 and Eufy 11S

Let’s start with the way they each look. The Roomba i2 is larger with the following dimensions of 13.4” L x 13.5” W x 3.6” H while the Eufy is classed in the slim category and is only 12.8” L x 12.8” W x 2.85” H. This is a large difference in the height of the products. This bearing in mind the Eufy will easily be able to fit under those lower dressers and beds in the house.

Unfortunately, with the decrease in height, the capacity of the dirt that the machine can carry is approximately 0.6L. Whereas the Roomba will not need to be cleaned for a few months if you purchase the dirt disposal unit for it to empty itself for up to 60 60 days.

The Eufy products will clean your house, but it works on a remote only and seems to be programmed on random floor cleaning patterns. This can be a little unsettling for some customers as the Roomba is programmed to vacuum in neat patterned straight lines in the home.

Smart Devices

The iRobot i2 is compatible with Alexa and google assist, which means it can be voice-activated and controlled. Both can be scheduled when to clean on a timer, but the Roomba uses the app. However, if the internet system goes down the Eufy will still be able to function as it only works off a remote.

The Eufy 11s is a very beautiful-looking machine with its black sleek look and neon lights. The Roomba product also has a very smart ash color, and both have wall chargers. The Roomba seems to be louder than the Eufy, however, the Eufy robot vacuums’s noise level has been equated to a running microwave.

The Roomba i2 has advanced sensors and will not get tangled in cables left lying around and will avoid drop-offs. The Roomba product also has optional programming that will tell it to keep out of certain Keep Out zones you have set.

Roomba i2 on Hard floor
Roomba i2 on Hard floor

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Cleaning Schedules

The onboard programming will also analyze which areas are high-traffic zones and intensify its cleaning schedules to make sure that area is kept clean.

The Eufy, unfortunately, is not as advanced but will still do the simple job of vacuuming your house. You must pick up cables and pet waste to ensure no disasters of broken items or smeared waste happens on the floors. You will also have to create a barrier to keep the Eufy from zones you don’t want to be cleaned. However, the Eufy does increase its suction power up to 1300Pa when it encounters heavy or stubborn dirt.

Eufy 11s on Hard floors
Eufy 11s on Hard floors

Both these products will vacuum on both carpets and hardwood floors, however, the Eufy is also designed to vacuum on glass or similar smooth surfaces. The Eufy product, while running on standard suction power will run up to 100 minutes until it must go back to its charging power. Running at full suction power the Eufy will last approximately 50 minutes.

The cost price is interesting as the Roomba product is a lot more costly than the Eufy, by about $100 however the Eufy product has the same purpose as the Roomba, just not as fancy and high-tech.

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Who should buy such a product

As always, most homes nowadays have both adults working so any home regardless of the size and income should have one of these beautiful machines. The Eufy robot vacuum is in a different price range but if a customer is prepared to have a more basic product, then it could be for you. If the customer wants a far more technologically advanced cleaner with all the bells and whistles, and the customer is prepared to pay a lot more then the Roomba could be for you.

Eufy 11S on Carpet
Eufy 11S on Carpet

Roomba i2 vs. Eufy 11S Final Words

Other than those big differences, both the iRobot Roomba i2 as the Eufy 11S do their designed job and seem to be very different, so the choice is up to the happiness and peace of mind of the customer as to which one best suite them and their homes.

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