Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer Review

Now that we are out of lockdowns and moving on from the dreaded isolations that were had, you might be looking for some fancy events to attend. Or you might be looking to increase your following on social media, but doing some fashion try ons. There are many reasons why this Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer would be a great tool to add to your collection of useful machines that can take the stress away from your everyday life.

We will be looking at what this product can offer you, as well as what actual costumers are saying. If you are in the market for a garment steamer, or just want to know what the options are, there might be a few things here that are helpful!

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What can the Rowenta IS2461 do?

For a garment steamer, the most important feature is the steam. With powerful steam strength, your clothes will be odor free and smelling fresh. With an easy to adjust 2 level steam, you are in control of how your clothing is treated. This machine is easy to maneuver, allowing you more control and flexibility for whatever fabric you are steaming. With a removable 1.l water tank you are able to have nearly 40 minute sessions in between top ups.

Able to be ready to steam in just 45 seconds, even if you are running late to that very important meeting on a Monday morning, you will be able to get out the door in plenty of time. There are a few comments about the hose being on the short side, but since it is so lightweight, that doesn’t seem to be too big of a problem.

This item comes with a fabric brush for heavier fabrics as well as ironing gloves.

What are people saying about this product?

This is a very easy to use machine and the manueuverabiltiy is a highly rated feature. It’s a very light unit, which makes reaching every inch of your garments easy and accessible. This is a terrific value for money and let’s out a good amount of steam, creating enough power to take the wrinkles out of almost anything!

It’s not a very loud machine, so early mornings are not something to avoid when using this product. One of the benefits of the larger water tank allow you to take your time with any job. No need to rush to make sure you get it done before the water runs out.

Rowenta IS2461 in conclusion

No matter your reason for purchasing a garment steamer, this one has everything that you might need. With loads of steam power, a lightweight unit, and a large water tank, you will be able to avoid the dry cleaners even more in the future! Whether you are preparing for your next week of meetings, or prepping all the outfits for your try-ons, this product is a great investment for the future and something that will come in handy in lots of different scenarios.

Rowenta IS2461 Garment Steamer, 45-second heat-up,...
  • XL REMOVABLE WATER TANK - Up to 40 minutes of continuous steaming
  • FAST HEAT UP - Ready to steam in just 45 seconds, perfect for last minute touch-ups or fast starts to your...
  • FRESHEN AND DE-ODORIZE - Powerful steam to freshen and remove odors from clothing and fabrics

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