Rug Doctor Pro Deep Commercial Cleaning Machine Review

For a good commercial cleaning machine, you cannot go wrong with Rug Doctor. That is why, in this review, you will learn all about one of the best cleaning machines Rug Doctor offers.

A Large Machine

Right away, the first trait you will notice, regarding this machine, is its size.

The entire machine is quite large.

So large, in fact, that for tight and cramped rooms and spaces, you probably shouldn’t use this machine.

For larger spaces and surfaces, though, that require thorough and efficient cleaning, this commercial cleaning machine is perfect.

Even though this machine is not meant for small spaces and surfaces, there is one unique feature that it does offer. The feature, in question, makes cleaning those spaces and surfaces much easier…

Useful Handheld Tool

A motorized handheld upholstery cleaner tool is attached to the side of this cleaning machine.

You can use this tool to clean nearly any surface.

Surfaces such as couches, chairs, area rugs, cushions, mattresses – and so many others – can be cleaned, with ease, using this tool.

Since you have access to this tool, you cannot only clean surfaces this machine can’t normally reach, but you can also work in tighter, smaller spaces the machine isn’t meant for.

A Plethora Of Functions

The function this cleaning machine performs is quite simple; thoroughly cleaning the surfaces in your home.

To accomplish this particular function, though, the machine relies on three smaller functions.

The three functions are as follows; shampooing your carpet, scrubbing the fibers of the surface that’s being cleaned, and extracting grime from the surface that is currently being cleaned.

Each one of these functions works to thoroughly clean the surfaces within your home.

By shampooing your carpet, all of the stains and loose grime is either removed or loosened.

Scrubbing the fibers ensures that any remnants of the stains or gunk on your surface is cleansed.

Extracting grime is the final step. By extracting the remaining grime, your surfaces are significantly cleaner than they were before being cleaned.

Strong Suction Power

To ensure that your floors are cleaned as thoroughly as possible, this commercial cleaning machine relies on a vacuuming system.

The vacuuming system is quite powerful.

You can use this system to remove the water that’s been used on your carpet/rug. You can also use this system to remove leftover gunk and grime.

Since this system works quickly, you won’t need to keep the cleaning machine on a particular surface for too long.

Rather, you can move the machine onto one part of a surface. Just wait a moment. And, then, you can move it to another part of the surface.

Sometimes, there will be a stain or bit of gunk left over. If that’s the case, just move the machine back onto the surface, and the remaining stain/gunk will be cleaned up.

Two Water Tanks

To clean the surfaces in your home, this machine relies on two water tanks.

One of these water tanks is meant to hold clean water. Clean water, mixed with cleaning solution.

You can just pour water into this tank, mix in some cleaning solution, and that’s it.

Eventually, all of this water will be used up, during the cleaning process.

The second water tank is meant to hold dirty water.

All of the water that is used, during the cleaning process, will be vacuumed up.

All of the water flows into the dirty water tank.

You can take the tank, empty it out, and that’s it.

The process is simple, and easy!

Conclusion: A Fantastic Cleaning Machine

In the end, for a fantastic cleaning machine, you cannot go wrong with the Rug Doctor Pro Deep Commercial Cleaning Machine!

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  • Awarded the highest rating by Carpet & Rug Institute for soil removal, water removal and gentleness on carpet...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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