Ryobi P714K Cordless Wall Mounted Dry Hand Vacuum Review

For a good dry hand vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Ryobi P714K Dry Hand Vacuum. By the time you are finished with this review, you will know if this dry hand vacuum offers what you are looking for.

Lightweight & Mobile

To start off, the first thing that you will notice about this hand vacuum is its size and design. Just like most hand vacuums, this hand vacuum is very small and weighs very little. Due to these features, picking up this hand vacuum, and moving it around, is very easy. But, that’s not the only notable design element that it offers.

Every feature and function this hand vacuum offers is outlined and delineated with clarity and precision. You will never be confused or uncertain as to how you can perform certain functions, while you are using this hand vacuum. Because of this, the entire vacuuming process is easy and enjoyable.

Great For Tight Spaces

Since this hand vacuum is small and lightweight, you can use it to thoroughly vacuum in tight and small spaces. But, there’s one other key design element that allows for this type of vacuuming to take place: the crevice-shaped vacuum nozzle.

With the crevice-shaped vacuum nozzle, you can move this hand vacuum into spaces and areas of all shapes and sizes. Moving the vacuum behind your couch, underneath a chair, into the opening between a shelf and a desk – along with so many other options – is very easy, enabling you to vacuum just about every space and area within your home.

Makes Little Noise

Most hand vacuums make a fair amount of noise. This is, of course, to be expected, since vacuums generate a lot of air flow and, to do this, they often need to run some heavy fans.

But, of course, this hand vacuum is not “most hand vacuums”. Rather, this hand vacuum makes surprisingly little noise. Even on a full-battery, and the highest possible suction setting, this hand vacuum is fairly quiet, making it unlikely that those not in the same space as you will be able to hear the hand vacuum very well.

Since this hand vacuum makes so little noise, the entire vacuuming process is a little more pleasant and convenient than that of other hand vacuums. Due to the convenience of the overall process, this is a great hand vacuum to purchase if that is what you are looking for.

Excellent Suction Power

Even though this hand vacuum makes very little noise, it still packs a lot of suction power into its tiny frame.

As a matter of fact, this hand vacuum offers more suction power than most other hand vacuums. All of this suction power enables you to vacuum dirt, dust, and debris, from a variety of different surfaces, with tremendous ease. You cannot go wrong with this hand vacuum, if you need a hand vacuum that is truly effective and efficient.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Hand Vacuum

In the end, the Ryobi P714K Dry Hand Vacuum is a fantastic hand vacuum! For efficiency and convenience, this hand vacuum is one of the very best that money can buy!


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