In this buying guide, we are going to be taking a look at a garment steamer that comes directly from SALAV, a relatively well-known brand that has produced a myriad of unique and interesting products. From razors to steam mops, to garment steamers, SALAV specializes in simple and easy-to-use devices that make various processes, many of which revolve around maintenance of one sort or another, significantly easier and far more time-effective. Naturally, the SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer is no different from that.

SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer Review

You’re going to learn all about the unique features and attributes that the SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer consists of, and you’re also going to learn about how those features affect the overall experience with this product.

Now, as a quick refresher before we dive right in, let’s go over what a garment steamer actually is.

So, a garment steamer has two names. One of them is, obviously, “garment steamer”, and the other name is “clothes steamer”. This defines the essence of a garment steamer, because a garment steamer is a device that you use, on clothes and fabrics, to quickly remove wrinkles, and this is done with steam that is heated at a very high temperature. In many respects, a garment steamer is very similar to a clothing iron, but there is much less risk of scorching and/or damaging your clothing.

SALAV Garment Steamer

What Features Does The SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer Offer?

Weighing just over eleven-pounds, this is not a heavy or cumbersome garment steamer. It is lightweight and easy to hold and grasp. And, the overall design reflects this. Everything is thin and relatively small, but also easy to handle, due to the focus on being able to actually grasp and hold onto the device, so that you can easily move it around and use it.

On the bottom, there are two-foot pedals. Both of these foot pedals are very important, because they directly correspond to turning the garment steamer on and off, and adjusting the steam settings, as well. Then, on the top, there are dual telescopic bars, which are easy to handle and prevent the garment steamer from tilting. You can also use them to hold clothing while steaming. This makes it easier to grab the clothing and to put it on the steamer, as well as to store it after you’re done steaming it.

SALAV Garment Steamer Review

When it comes to the hose, where the steam comes out of, it is a very well-made and well-designed hose. Now, this hose contains two layers of insulation. With these two layers, the steam, and its high temperature is well-maintained, so that it doesn’t lose any of its intensity, as it exists the garment steamer and goes onto your clothes. Along with that, this hose also helps to regulate the surface heat. The hose itself is 4.6 feet, which should be more than enough length, most of the time.

In terms of power, you have access to 1500 watts of power, which is quite a bit for a garment steamer. With this amount of power, the steam is nice and hot, making it easy to get rid of any wrinkles.

With the water tank, you can store as much as 1.8 liters at a single time. This means that you can run the garment steamer for a total of sixty-minutes before you need to refill the water tank. Having a large water tank such as this is incredibly convenient, and does make things very easy for you, since you won’t have to constantly be refilling the water tank, over and over again.

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SALAV has also included a couple of accessories, to go with the SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer. These accessories include a pants press, which is used to remove wrinkles from your pants more effectively, a mini ironing paddle, which is useful for ironing very specific spots on your clothing, and then there is a small fabric brush and two hangar clips. Each one of these accessories makes it very easy and efficient to steam your clothing or whatever types of garments that you want to work with, and they make the overall process very simple and effortless.


In the end, if you are willing to pay a little bit of extra money, the SALAV Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer is one of the best garment steamers that you can find on the market. It’s incredibly powerful and well-made, and it’s very easy to use, you won’t have any problems with it!

SALAV GS45-DJ Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer Review