Saloniture vs. BestMassage Portable Massage Table

Today we’ll be covering the Saloniture Portable Massage table and the Best Massage Portable Massage table, comparing and contrasting, and deciding ultimately what might best suit your needs as a massage therapist or esthetician, or even if you’re just a massage aficionado and want to have the best product with the best value.

Saloniture Massage Table Review
Saloniture Massage Table

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The Saloniture

This massage bed easily translates spa-like luxury into comfortable portability without sacrificing style.

Premium comfort

This massage bed is made of PU leather, a vegan friendly and easy to clean alternative that allows for a quick clean up. The cushioning is 2 inches thick, and the face pillow is a lush 3 inches for total relaxation and ergonomic support.

Easy assembly & portability

The Saloniture is easily assembled upon delivery, simply unfold, adjust to desired height and begin. The bed includes a nylon carry bag with a strap and handy pockets for client supplies. Store any accessories in the folding portion of the table as well, for extra convenience.

As well, it may be quite portable, but this table is made of sturdy hardwood with steel supporting cables (the same used in automotive braking design) with the ability to support up to 450 pounds, so you and your client can always have peace of mind.

The adjustable headrest features the same stringent reinforcement and is resistant to warp over time. Preserve your floors with non slip feet that also prevent sliding.

Intuitive accessories

Included with the massage table are an arm sling for added client comfort and two winged armrests, ensuring that you and your client are both comfortable and that you are ready to provide exceptional service.

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table Review

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The BestMassage

Featuring high quality beech wood and reinforced with wider metal hinges allowing for easier assembly and collapse, this table offers substance, style, and you can feel proud to sport this to a client appointment.

Putting comfort first

This table is fitted with 2 inch premium foam all around and covered smartly with synthetic leather (without that synthetic leather smell). Featuring reinforced wood corner blocks that enable this lightweight table to support a maximum weight of 450 pounds. The adjustable face pillow ensures your client is as comfortable as could be.

Versatile with easy assembly

The BestMassage is equipped with nearly a foot long range of adjustability, ensuring that you can be as comfortable as possible during your service while maintaining proper posture for yourself.

No external hardware necessary for this massage table’s set up. Simply unpack, unfold, and you’re almost ready for service. Carry this table with you with ease. Stairs are easy and if you happen to need to walk to your appointment, you won’t break a sweat; this table weighs less than 30 pounds.

Included accessories

Be on your way in no time with the durable nylon bag with it’s handy shoulder strap. Store the included arm rests and ergonomic client hand rest within the table itself.

BestMassage Adjustable Massage Table Review

Saloniture vs. BestMassage

Comparing and contrasting


To start, the main similarities between the two is the synthetic, vegan leather with 2 inch foam in the body of the table. Both PU leather coverings don’t contain that irritating smell that takes forever to fade, which is a big plus.

BestMassage Massage Table
BestMassage Massage Table

Both tables are easy to assemble and collapse and both feature the nylon bags with convenient straps as well as storage space within the table itself for the included attachments. They’re also both height adjustable as well as headrest adjustable for maximum comfort.

Last but not least, both include two armrests and a comfortable hand rest for clients that’s placed under the headrest.


The differences between the two tables lies mainly in design and overall style. The Saloniture has a luxe feel that is aesthetically pleasing. The BestMassage, while well made, offers more substance over style with its streamlined appearance and no nonsense feel.

Saloniture Portable Folding Massage Table Review
Saloniture Massage Table

As far as hardware goes, BestMassage is the clear leader in lightweight durability weighing almost 10 pounds less than the Saloniture table, but has an inch less padding in the headrest than its counterpart.


These tables are both well made and share many similarities. Not only do they have the included nylon bags for portability, they also both have easy to clean plush synthetic leather coverings with high quality foam padding.

The BestMassage is the clear winner here for the masseuse on the go, weighing nearly 10 pounds lighter than its counterpart but includes all of the ergonomic features with identical weight capacity.

BestMassage Massage Table Review
BestMassage Massage Table

When it comes to that little extra luxury feeling for your home spa, the Saloniture is your pick. Inclusive of everything that the BestMassage has with a beautiful and comfortable design.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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