Samsung Jetbot Robotic Review [VR20T6001MW/AA]

For a good robot mop, you can’t go wrong with Samsung. By reading this review, you will learn all about the Samsung Jetbot Robotic and what it offers. That way, you can figure out if this robot mop offers what you need.

Very Easy-To-Use

To use this robot mop, you will be relying entirely on the included remote control. Everything about this remote control is simple, elegant, and easy-to-use.

If you take a glance at this remote control, you will notice a couple of different buttons and functions. These buttons and functions include a button that allows you to turn the robot mop on and off, arrow-keys that allow you to control the robot mop directly, as well as buttons that determine the cleaning mode this robot mop is using and the intensity of the mopping process.

Since you have access to so many different functions, you are able to determine the mopping process that takes place. Because of this, if you want your floors to be mopped very thoroughly, you can tell the robot mop to do that. But, if you want a simpler robot mopping process, and you don’t need anything that is too elaborate, then you can command the robot mop to do that, as well. You have complete control over the robot mopping process.

Excellent Sensor System

The Samsung Jetbot Robotic relies on a sensor system to navigate your home. Rather than you having to control the robot mop manually, the robot mop knows where it is, where it needs to go, and how it can get there. That way, the entire mopping process is completely hands-free.

To ensure that this process is successful – not to mention easy – this robot mop relies on a couple of different sensors. Every single sensor within his robot mop is excellent. Each sensor allows the robot mop to know where it is and where it needs to go. Along with that, though, these sensors also allow the robot mop to detect things like carpeting and furniture, so that way it knows where it shouldn’t go and what it needs to avoid. That way, nothing in your home is damaged.

Useful Dual Spin Technology

For this robot mop to mop your floors, two mopping pads are used. Both of these mopping pads rely on dual spin technology to properly function. Dual spin technology is, essentially, a technology that allows the robot mop to spin each pad at a very quick pace, making it very easy for dirt, gunk, and grime to be lodged off from your floors.

To ensure that each mop pad is moist and ready to clean, there are two water tanks within this robot mop. Both water tanks can be filled up and, when filled up, they can soak each mopping pad, allowing you to mop for up to fifty-minutes.

Conclusion: A Very Useful Robot Mop

In the end, the Samsung Jetbot Robotic is a very useful robot mop that offers efficiency, and convenience. If that is what you need, then purchasing this robot mop is a great choice!

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