Shark AV2501S vs iRobot Roomba j7+

With recent developments in technology, the monotonous parts of life have never been more manageable. Household appliances have skyrocketed in popularity, and as a result, hundreds of new products have been released to make your life just a little bit easier—for example, the robot vacuum.

With robot vacuums, something as dull and tedious as cleaning your floors can be taken care of with the push of a button. But with all the products on the market, selecting the ideal appliance can take time and effort. To save you the trouble, we’ve chosen two of the highest-performing brands in robot vacuums to compare: the iRobot Roomba j7 and the Shark AV2501S AI.

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Product Overviews

Shark and iRobot are two household names for lifestyle appliances. Both of these companies produce quality, name-brand products dedicated to improving or altogether removing the bland parts of your day. While both of these products are excellent choices for a robot vacuum, several differences may make one more appealing than the other.

The iRobot robot vacuum is the significantly more expensive choice. It is sleeker in design and outfitted in graphite for a modern look. This product performed better in maneuverability, battery life, and away-from-robot operations.

The Shark robot vacuum is a very affordable product. It performed better in cleaning accuracy, consistency, and quality. Also, replacing filters, rolls, and other features is a significantly cheaper process. Lastly, the Shark robot vacuum utilizes a HEPA filtration system for consumers sensitive to allergens.

Shark AV2501S vs Roomba j7+ Side-by-side Comparison


Both Shark and iRobot are leading the market in innovative technology for robot vacuums. Each product is a pioneer in its own way of technological features. Both robot vacuums have home mapping features that can establish clear no-go zones, so they vacuum where you want them to and only where you want them to. Also, both products are pairable with Alexa and other voice-activation devices.

The iRobot scored higher on overall technological operations. Not only is it better at maneuvering obstacles than the Shark robot vacuum, but it also has features that allow it to altogether avoid pet waste, something unseen for robot vacuums. iRobot guarantees this feature recognizes and goes around pet messes; if not, they promise to replace the product. The iRobot uses iRobot OS Technology and PrecisionVision to avoid large obstacles like a sofa and small obstacles like socks and shoes.

While the Shark robot vacuum doesn’t score quite as highly as the iRobot in maneuverability, it still scored higher than the average robot vacuum. The Shark vacuum uses a combination of AI laser navigation and LIDAR technology to detect where hazards are. This product still maps out your home, avoids obstacles, and navigates cleaning in an orderly row-by-row fashion.

Battery Life

Ensuring spaces are cleaned efficiently requires a long battery charge. Luckily, the Shark and iRobot offer over 90 minutes of battery life for single use and know when to return to their stations for subsequent charging.

One key difference between the two products is their charging speed. The iRobot charges much faster than the Shark robot vacuum. However, the products are similar in that they typically last for approximately 2 total hours in their standard cleaning mode.

Deep Cleaning

Of course, cleanliness is one of the most essential parts of a robot vacuum. Even with these two products’ cool features, their primary purpose is automatically cleaning a surface. The Shark and iRobot robot vacuums are rated relatively high on their quality of cleaning, and both products secured a spot as Amazon’s Choice products. Still, the Shark robot vacuum was placed much higher on many different cleaning functions.

The Shark robot vacuum has been highly praised by consumers and reviewers alike for the level of cleanliness it consistently delivers. This product performs well on many different surfaces with various types of debris. It performed better at effectively collecting debris, dust, dirt, and pet hair. The Shark also offers two modes depending upon user needs: standard mode and UltraClean for 30% more dust collection.

The Shark robot vacuum also utilizes a HEPA filtration system. HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air filtration, reduces the transmission of allergens into the air. HEPA is specifically designed to retain the dust and allergens the naked eye can’t quite see.

While the iRobot could have performed better on surface tests and cleanliness grades, it still performed better than the average robot vacuum. It also comes with several different modes for differentiating suction power. The only area iRobot fell particularly short was on hair collection. Many users were unsatisfied with how much hair the iRobot was able to pick up during its cleaning process.

Which to buy?

Both the iRobot and Shark robot vacuums are innovative, versatile, and advanced household appliances. Each product has several features dedicated to tackling your day’s dull moments uniquely and effectively. Either of these products is an excellent choice for a robot vacuum, but a few things may make one vacuum better suited to your needs.

The iRobot is a fantastic choice in a robot vacuum for the user who values the whistles and bells of a product. It is a more elegant design, and many users praise how well-built the product feels. It is also more advanced than the Shark in operational technology, battery charging speed, and automated processes.

In contrast, the Shark is a great robot vacuum for the consumer who values the function of a product. Not only is the Shark a cheaper robot vacuum, but it performs better cleaning on most surfaces. It was rated higher in pet hair reduction and is equipped with a HEPA filter to avoid throwing those irritants back into the air.

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Shark AV2501S vs. Roomba j7+ Conclusion

When it comes to a robot vacuum, numerous things are worth considering before you purchase. Thankfully, with both the Shark and iRobot, the things worth considering have already been tested and perfected.

Both robot vacuums are dedicated to making your life easier, and whichever option you choose will surely not disappoint.

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