Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992 Review

For a great robot vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992. By reading this guide, you will learn what this robot vacuum offers, and whether or not it offers what you need.

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Very Easy-To-Use

Right away, you should know that this robot vacuum is very easy-to-use.

For you to use this robot vacuum, you will be relying on either the included remote control, or your smartphone. Both options are perfectly valid, and give you the same features and functions.

If you choose to use your smartphone, you can access this robot vacuum anywhere. That way, you can turn on the robot vacuum, even if you’re at work.

Supports Smart Home Devices

For those who own a smart home device – Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, specifically – you can use those devices to control and command this robot vacuum.

Just set up the device, with the vacuum, and use your voice to command the vacuum. Doing so will make the entire vacuuming process nearly effortless.

Includes BotBoundary Strips

Right inside of the box this robot vacuum comes in, you will find a single BotBoundary Strip.

You can take this strip, set it in front of a particular space, and the strip will emit a signal. By emitting this signal, the robot vacuum knows not to go past the trip.

If you want to prevent the robot vacuum from going into certain spaces – or out of certain spaces, for that matter – then this is a wonderful device to have on hand.

Fantastic Suction Power

The main feature this robot vacuum cleaner offers is, of course, vacuuming power.

All of this vacuuming power is, essentially, due to two key systems; the suction system, and the brushing system.

When it comes to the suction system, this robot vacuum cleaner excels.

Removing dirt, dust, and debris from hard and soft floors is nearly effortless. You can remove all manner of dirt and debris, as well as large clumps of dust, from the carpets, rugs, and hard floors in your home.

Of course, to aid in this experience, there’s the brushing system. This brings us to the next section…

Excellent Brushing System

The robot vacuum relies on a multi-surface brushroll.

A multi-surface brushroll that is designed to work on soft surfaces, as well as hard surfaces.

Since this is the case, you can use this robot vacuum to vacuum hard floors, of all sorts, and any soft surface.

The brush can dive into the soft surfaces, gather up what’s in there, and bring it out. Then, the vacuum can gather all of that material up.

For hard surfaces, the brush can sweep up the material, letting the vacuum gather it up.

All of the material this vacuum gathers up is thrown into a dust tank. You can empty the tank, after the vacuum is finished.

Conclusion: A Great Robot Vacuum

If you are looking for a great robot vacuum that isn’t too expensive, yet offers a fantastic vacuuming experience, then the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992 is a legitimately great purchase.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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