Singer MX231 vs. 4423 vs. 7258 vs. 9960

For a great sewing machine that anyone can afford and use, you can’t go wrong with Singer. That is why, in this buying guide, you are going to learn all about the four best Singer sewing machines, and what they offer. By the time you are finished, you will know which sewing machine offers exactly what you need!

What Does The Singer MX231 Offer?


The Singer MX231 is a small, affordable, and very effective sewing machine. Even though it costs so little and takes up so little space, it offers a plethora of great features, all of which make sewing just about anything very easy.

Right off the bat, the most notable feature this sewing machine offers is its 97 stitch applications. Due to having these stitch applications, you can use this sewing machine to sew all kinds of things with incredible ease. It does not matter what fabric you are using or the kind of item you are sewing, because this sewing machine offers so many stitch applications.

To enhance the ease-of-use and versatility that this sewing machine offers, Singer gives you a one-step buttonhole and a built-in needle threader. Both of these features work very well with the simple and sleek design of this sewing machine, allowing for a very easy sewing process.

In the end, if you need an affordable and effective sewing machine, you cannot go wrong with the Singer MX231.

What Does The Singer 4423 Offer?


The Singer 4423 is a more expensive sewing machine than the MX231. But, this higher-price is due to several very good reasons. By purchasing this sewing machine, you will have access to a machine that offers greater durability and efficiency.

As you are making use of this sewing machine, you will have access to 23 built-in stitches. Each one of these built-in stitches is quite simple, but they always manage to get the job done. That being said, since there are only 23 of them, you may not be able to find what you are looking for, if you intend to sew something that is rather complicated.

To make the sewing process as easy as possible, this sewing machine has an automatic needle threader. Making use of this feature saves a lot of time and makes it so much easier to thread the needle, without having to strain your eyes or struggle with getting it through.

Within just one-minute, this sewing machine can perform 1,100 stitches. That is a lot and, since this sewing machine can perform so many stitches so quickly, it is a fantastic sewing machine to purchase if you need that level of efficiency. If you work in a business that repairs clothing, for example, then a sewing machine of this sort would be perfect.

The entire frame of this sewing machine is metal. Since this sewing machine has a metal frame, it is very durable, and can last for many years, without any problems or issues. You won’t have to deal with shoddy components or annoying repairs.

In the end, if you are looking for a high-quality sewing machine that offers efficiency and durability, the Singer 4423 is one of the best Singer sewing machines that you can purchase!

What Does The Singer 7258 Offer?


The Singer 7258 is one of the most elaborate sewing machines that Singer offers. But, even though it offers an elaborate variety of features and functions, it remains very easy-to-use, and undeniably effective.

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this sewing machine is the small LCD display that is located on the front. By making use of this LCD display, you can see all of the features and functions that you are currently using. That way, there is no confusion as to what the sewing machine is doing.

Even though the LCD display is really nice, what makes this sewing machine truly great is the fact that it includes 100 stitches. Each one of these stitches can be activated with the press of a button and, due to their computerized nature, they will begin automatically.

Regardless of the setting that you choose, the optimal length, width, and tension will be set. But, you can use the LCD display to see those settings and to change them, if you need to. Making use of this function allows you to sew more easily, but it also gives you complete control over the sewing process.

In the end, if you are looking for a very elaborate and efficient sewing machine that is also quite easy-to-use, then the Singer 7258 will be a great purchase!

What Does The Singer 9960 Offer?

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960
SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

The Singer 9960 is the most expensive sewing machine in this guide. But, it’s high-price may be worth paying, if you are in need of the unique features that this sewing machine offers.

To start off, this sewing machine offers 600 unique stitches. Every single one of these stitches is built-in and computerized. Because of this, you can just press a button and then, automatically, the stitch will be activated. You can adjust the width, length, and tension of every individual stitch, so that whatever you sew fulfills all of your requirements.

As you are sewing, within just a single-minute, this sewing machine can perform 850 stitches. That is a lot of stitches, which makes it extremely easy to sew large amounts of clothing in a short period of time. And, since you can customize the stitches so thoroughly, this means you can make all kinds of elaborate and unique items easily and quickly.

Beyond those features, you will find other features that add greater convenience. These are features such as a small table, an automatic needle threader, and a very nice LCD display that gives you every piece of information you could possibly need.

At the end of the day, if you need a powerful, elaborate, and efficient sewing machine, then the Singer 9960 will not disappoint you in any way!


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