Skylight Frame: 10 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame Review

For a great digital picture frame, you cannot go wrong with Skylight Frame. As soon as you are finished reading this review, you will know if the Skylight Frame 10 Inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame offers what you are looking for.

Good Size

Just as the title implies, this digital picture frame is ten-inches. Even though that may not sound like a lot, this is a pretty standard size for a picture frame; digital or traditional.

Since this is the case, all of your photos can be displayed on this digital picture frame with ease. Some of the smaller details may be harder to notice. But, if you look closely, you shouldn’t have any problems noticing them.

Good Resolution

To go with the good size this digital picture frame offers, this digital picture frame offers a good resolution. The total resolution this digital picture frame offers is 1280X800.

Due to the resolution, you can display all of your favorite photos in a way that captures all of the various details. None of your photos will be blurry or smeared. But, it is worth mentioning that photos taken in higher resolutions will still look good, but they won’t look as good as they can look.

Good Colors

Even though this digital picture frame is quite simple, the various technologies it uses make for good colors and good pictures.

None of the technologies this digital picture frame uses are particularly unique. But, they all work well at displaying images with strong levels of detail, colors that pop off of the frame, and reducing any blurriness that may accompany the images.

To go along with that, this digital picture frame has a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can display wider photos with ease, just as easily as you can display photos shot in different aspect ratios, such as 4:3.

No matter the photos you choose to display, every photo will look great; clear, rich with detail, strong colors, and beautiful.

Super Easy Set-Up

To set up this digital picture frame, you must first plug it in. Doing so is quite easy. As soon as the digital picture frame has been plugged in, you can use the touchscreen display to connect the frame to Wi-Fi.

Right after the digital picture frame is connected to Wi-Fi, you can access your photos. For you to do this, though, you have several choices.

Many people choose to send photos to this frame through email. You can do so with ease. Just attach your photos to an email that is sent to the frame.

Even though this digital picture frame is dependent on Wi-Fi, you can still use this digital picture frame if you do not have Wi-Fi. Rather, as long as the photos are downloaded onto the digital picture frame, you can access them without Wi-Fi.

Conclusion: A Convenient & Pretty Digital Picture Frame

For a convenient digital picture frame that displays pretty pictures, the Skylight Frame 10 Inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame is a great purchase!

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