Smart vs. Regular Digital Picture Frames

If you aren’t sure whether to purchase a smart or regular digital picture frame, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this buying guide, you will learn all about both types of frames, allowing you to figure out which one offers exactly what you need.

What Does A Smart Digital Picture Frame Offer?

A smart digital picture frame is a lot like a regular digital picture frame. But, unlike a regular digital picture frame, a smart digital picture frame is built around smart technologies, such as smartphones and smart home devices.

Since a smart digital picture frame is built around smart technologies, you can use those technologies to access and command the picture frame. Just as an example, many smart digital picture frames support Amazon Alexa, which means that you are able to use your voice to, among other things, turn the digital picture frame on and off and to choose which pictures you want to display.

Beyond the enhanced functionality, many smart digital picture frames offer features such as a calendar, weather report, and even the ability to receive notifications for emails and messages. All of these features are quite nice, even if they aren’t particularly necessary, and make the experience richer and more thorough.

What Does A Regular Digital Picture Frame Offer?

A regular digital picture frame is a digital picture frame that is meant to hold and display photos. That’s all a digital picture frame is. But, despite the simplicity of this approach, many regular digital picture frames support Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity, allowing you to send photos directly to the picture frame with your smartphone or through email.

Most regular digital picture frames are quite limited, when it comes to the smart features that they offer. You will not find Amazon Alexa functionality, for example, although you will be able to use your smartphone to connect to the digital picture frame.

Some regular digital picture frames offer enhanced functionality that includes features such as a weather report and a calendar. But, most of them don’t, since these digital picture frames are meant to be just that: a digital picture frame.

Which One Should You Buy?

Smart digital picture frames and regular digital picture frames are both fantastic. But, there’s a good chance that one is a better purchase for you than the other.

For a truly elaborate and convenient experience, you cannot go wrong with a smart digital picture frame. Making use of such a picture frame allows you to use your smart devices to connect to the frame instantly. Along with that, functions such as a calendar and daily weather report are all present, which makes the experience easier and more convenient.

But, if you really don’t care about those qualities, and want a simple and easy experience, a regular digital picture frame is the ideal choice. Sure, it may not offer too much that’s especially novel, but it works very well!


In the end, smart and regular digital picture frames both have a lot to offer. By considering your needs, you will be able to figure out which digital picture frame offers what you need!

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