SoundAsleep vs. Aerobed vs. Intex Inflatable Mattresses

When you go camping, it’s not always the most pleasant, having to sleep on a mat that is lying right above the hard ground. Most people find this to be a very unpleasant and uncomfortable part of the camping process, and as such, they choose to find a good solution to this problem.

SoundAsleep vs. Aerobed vs. Intex Inflatable Mattresses

Owning an inflatable mattress is one of the best possible solutions to the problem, and that is because inflatable mattresses are easy to store – since you can, of course, deflate them – and they are also very comfortable and nice to lay on.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, the Aerobed Inflatable Mattress, and the Intex Comfort Plush. Each one of these inflatable mattresses is quite good, and you’re going to learn about the different attributes that these mattresses possess.

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What Does The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Offer?

The SoundAsleep Air Mattress is a queen-sized mattress, and as such, it’s pretty big. Three people can easily fit on it, and within the mattress itself, there are forty internal air coils. Each one of these coils is designed to strengthen and support the mattress itself so that when people are lying on top of it, the mattress won’t collapse or break down.

SoundAsleep Inflatable Mattress

To aid in this durability, the mattress itself has been built with environmentally friendly PVC. This PVC has been layered multiple times, on top of itself, and it is resistant to things like puncturing, while also being water resistant. So, if you go camping in areas where there is a lot of rainfall and precarious happenings, then this is a great choice, due to the durability that it offers!

SoundAsleep has put a lot of time and energy into developing the “ComfortCoil Technology” that is used to strengthen the PVC and the coils. With this technology, you have a very comfortable experience, sleeping on the bed itself, and, the coils are very strong, too, so they aren’t going to collapse or break down. SureGrip Technology is also used to keep the bottom strong, as well, and to ensure that it can remain stationary, even with multiple people on it, without moving around and wobbling.

When you want to set this mattress up, the process is super simple and only takes four minutes. Using the pump, you attach the little hose to the mattress and start pushing air into the mattress. From this four-minute process, the mattress will remain inflated for up to several days!

If you want a relatively inexpensive inflatable mattress that is designed for precarious outdoor environments, while also remaining easy to use, then the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is a fantastic choice!


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What Does The Aerobed Inflatable Mattress Offer?

Just as with the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, the Aerobed Inflatable Mattress is a queen-size air mattress. Two people can sleep on it comfortably, and a third person won’t have any issues sleeping on the bed, either. And, if there’s only one person on that mattress, they will sleep very comfortably, too!

Aerobed vs. Intex vs. SoundAsleep Inflatable Mattresses

Within the mattress, there are various oval coils. Each one of these oval coils is designed to add strong support to the mattress itself, so that it doesn’t deflate, or degrade when people are lying on top of it. Each one of these oval coils is also used to keep the air within the mattress itself, and to add some comfort, too, which does enhance the overall experience.

On top of the mattress, which is where you are going to be sleeping, there is a surface made of flocked fleece. Flocked fleece is a pretty nice and comfortable material, and when you lie down on it, it feels good. Unlike a lot of other inflatable mattresses, the Aerobed Inflatable Mattress is nice and soft, with a nice texture that makes it easy to lay down and sleep on it.

Aerobed Inflatable Mattress

PVC vinyl is the material that Aerobed has used to construct this particular mattress. Most of the time, PVC of one sort or another is used, due to the strength that it offers. In the case of this mattress, they used PVC vinyl, and it works very well at creating a strong inflatable mattress that can resist punctures, and things of that nature.

To pump up the mattress, the only thing you need to do is to use the pump that is built into the mattress. It’s an easy and simple pump, and it takes three minutes to pump up the mattress.

Ultimately, the Aerobed Inflatable Mattress is a great inflatable mattress that is best used in indoor environments, since it isn’t that durable or resistant against things like water.


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What Does The Intex Comfort Plush Inflatable Mattress Offer?

The last, but certainly not least, the inflatable mattress we’re going to look at is the Intex Comfort Plush Inflatable Mattress.

Intex vs. SoundAsleep vs. Aerobed Inflatable Mattresses

Just like the others, this is a queen-size mattress. It’s a big mattress, and quite tall, as well. So, if you want to have two or three people lying on it, that won’t be a problem. Four people would probably work, but it wouldn’t be that comfortable.

One thing to note is that the maximum weight capacity is six-hundred pounds.

Right on the surface of the mattress, there is a nice layer of soft flocking. With the soft flocking, sleeping on the mattress is a lot more enjoyable, since the surface is nice and soft, so that it feels good on your body.

Intex Inflatable Mattress

To inflate the mattress, you will use a small pump. This is a small pump, but it can inflate the entire mattress is approximately four minutes and forty-five seconds. That’s pretty quick, especially since this is a larger mattress, and the pump is quite small, too.

Intex has included a carrying bag. With this bag, you can take the deflated mattress and bring it to different places, by shoving it in the bag. If you intend to go camping with this mattress, then this bag is really useful.

Overall, if you want a cheap and comfortable inflatable mattress, the Intex Inflatable Mattress is a nice choice!


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