Sun Joe STM30E Heavy Duty Pressure Steamer Review

If you are looking for a good steamer, then you have come to the right place. In this quick review, we are taking a look at the Sun Joe STM30E Heavy Duty Pressure Steamer, and all that it has to offer. By reading this review, you will learn if this steamer offers what you need.

Sun Joe STM30E

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Very Powerful

Within this steamer, there is a 13 Amp motor. By having this 13 Amp motor, this steamer is able to deliver a pressure rating of 50 PSI. That may not sound like much, but it definitely is. By harnessing this pressure, you are able to remove a variety of different stains and messes, with incredible ease.

Sun Joe STM30E Review
Sun Joe STM30E

To go along with that, though, this 13 Amp motor is able to heat steam up to approximately 212-degrees. With that heat, the steam this steamer produces can effortlessly break down all kinds of nasty stains and messes.

If you are in need of a good steamer that delivers excellent steam pressure and very well-heated steam, then this is a fantastic steamer to purchase.

Heats Up Quickly

To make use of this steamers power and general functionality, you will need to fill up the one-liter tank that it uses. Filling this tank up isn’t very difficult, since you can access it very easily, just by opening up the top.

When the entire one-liter tank is full, you can turn this steamer on. Right after you turn the steamer on, all of that water will begin to heat up. That way, it can then turn into steam.

What is so nice about this steamer, is the fact that it only takes around thirty-seconds to completely heat up. Because of this, you can pour water into the steamer, wait thirty-seconds, and then begin steam cleaning.

Every one-liter tank of water leads to forty-minutes of uninterrupted steam cleaning. That is more than enough time to thoroughly clean an entire space – assuming, of course, that space isn’t too large. Because of that, the entire steam cleaning process is convenient, easy, and quite pleasant.

Useful Steam Hose

To make use of this steam cleaner’s power and efficiency, you will be relying on the steam hose. This steam hose measures approximately eight-feet, which is quite long for a steam hose.

Sun Joe STM30E Pressure Steamer Review
Sun Joe STM30E

By having this steam hose, you can easily reach into narrow and tight spaces that other steamers are unable to access. But, along with that, you can use this steam hose to reach spaces that are high-up – parts of a ceiling, for example – which is something that many other steam hoses don’t allow for.

What makes this steam hose especially nice, though, is the fact that it’s completely flexible and also very durable. If you hold the steam hose, you’ll find that it easily twists, turns, and rotates. But, along with that, the steam hose is very durable, ensuring that it lasts a very long time, without breaking down or needing repairs.

Excellent Accessories

If you look inside the box that this steamer comes in, you will find a variety of different tools and attachments. Each of the tools and attachments this steamer comes with is exceptionally useful, and allows for an easier and more effective steam cleaning experience.

The specific tools and attachments Sun Joe has included are as follows; extension tubes, cleaning brush, window/tile squeegee, wallpaper steam plate, copper utility brush, nylon utility brush, and a jet nozzle. These tools easily attach to the steamer, and by using them, you are able to perform a variety of different steam cleaning tasks.

Extremely Durable

Not only is the steam hose this steamer uses exceptionally durable, but so is the steamer itself. Everything about the steamer is durable, well-crafted, and built-to-last.

Sun Joe STM30E Steamer Review
Sun Joe STM30E

Much of this durability comes from the exterior of the steamer. It is made of strong plastics and aluminum. Because of this, the exterior of this steamer can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, without suffering any issues.

Within the steamer, though, the individual components are much stronger. To give you an example of this, the heat exchange is made entirely of aluminum, which ensures that the most valuable component is as durable as it can be. Every other component is also quite strong and durable.

Conclusion: Fantastic Pressure Steamer

The Sun Joe STM30E Heavy Duty Pressure Steamer is a fantastic pressure steamer. It is extremely powerful, very efficient, and also very well-designed. If you’re looking for a good heavy duty pressure steamer, then this is a great choice!

Sun Joe STM30E Heavy Duty Pressure Steamer Review

Heavy Duty Pressure Steamer Review

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