Tile vs TrackR Tracking Devices: What’s the Difference?

In today’s market, there are all kinds of unique devices. Many of these devices weren’t available, just a decade or two ago. And today, they are not only available but incredibly popular.

Tile vs TrackR Tracking Devices

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Tracking devices are a very good example of this. While tracking devices have always been available, to some extent, there are now a wide variety of tracking devices that use BlueTooth Technology, as well as Wi-Fi Technology.

By using BlueTooth/Wi-Fi, you can connect your phone, or any other Smart Device, to these trackers. And then, you can use that device to access the tracker, and to find what it is that you have lost.

As you can probably figure out, this is quite a bit more efficient than many of the tracking devices that were developed just a decade or so ago. You now have instant and continual access to your tracker, at any time, and you are the only one that can access this tracker.

In this buying guide, we’re going to look at two tracking devices. One of these tracking devices is from Tile, and the other is from TrackR. These two tracking devices are excellent, and you are going to learn what it is that a great tracking device does, and what these two tracking devices can do for you!

TrackR vs Tile Tracking Devices

What Does The Tile Tracking Device Offer?

To start, the Tile Tracking Device uses BlueTooth Technology. Now, BlueTooth is a great technology, because it allows you to connect all kinds of different devices to the Tile Tracking Device, and vice versa. But, BlueTooth Technology is also a bit limited, and when you are using the Tile Tracking Device, you only have a 200-foot range. Anything farther than that, and you are out of luck.

Tile Tracking Device

For you to use the Tile Tracking Device, you need to have a Smart Device. Most people use their smartphones, since that’s the easiest way to use the device.

When you are setting up the Tile Tracking Device, you need to download the Tile app. This application gives you access to features such as telling the Tile Tracking Device to emit a sound, if you’re within the 200-foot range, and a “Last Place Seen” feature.

To use the Tile Tracking Device, you can simply attach it to what it is that you want to track. If you want to track your backpack, attach it to the backpack. If you want to attach it to a suitcase, put it in the suitcase. That kind of thing.

Tile vs TrackR

If you lose what you are tracking, you can open up the Tile App, and then you’ll see the last place that the thing you are tracking was. But, if you are within the 200-foot range, then you will be able to see exactly where the Tile Tracking Device is, at that moment, and where the item you are tracking is. Then, if you’re in range, you can press a button on the app, and then the Tile Tracking Device will emit a loud sound, so that you can find it.

What’s nice about the Tile Tracking Device is that, since it’s connected to your phone you can press the button on the Tile Tracking Device to ring your phone. Even if it’s on the silent, you’ll still be able to hear the ringing.

Ultimately, the Tile Tracking Device is one of the best tracking devices on the market. It’s cheap, has a great app, and is very useful!


What Does The TrackR Pixel Offer?

Just like the Tile Tracking Device, the TrackR Pixel uses BlueTooth Technology. This means that, for you to accurately track the TrackR Pixel, you must be within a certain radius of the device. In this case, the radius is 100-feet.

TrackR Tracking Device

To use the TrackR Pixel, you must download the TrackR App. This app is a lot like the Tile App, which is a good thing, since that app is very well-designed.

When you are using the TrackR App, you can access a couple of different features. If you are within radius of the TrackR Pixel, you can see exactly where it is, on a map of your city/town. And, you can also press a button that will then ring the TrackR Pixel. The ringing sound is pretty loud, so it’s difficult NOT to hear it!

If the TrackR Pixel isn’t within the 100-foot radius of your smartphone, then you can see on a map when the TrackR Pixel was last spotted. This map is a lot like the one that the Tile App gives you, which is to say that it is a city map. But, it can be incredibly useful, and gives you a good idea of where your TrackR Pixel, and your items, probably are.

TrackR vs Tile

What is cool about the TrackR Pixel is that there is a “Crowd Locate” feature. If you have lost your TrackR Pixel, it will still be emitting a BlueTooth signal. Anyone that walks by it, that has the TrackR App, will detect the TrackR Pixel’s BlueTooth signal. And when it does, you will receive a notification that someone has found your TrackR Pixel, and your items. Then, on the same city map, you can see where those items are, and go to pick them up.

The TrackR Pixel has a battery that, at some point, will deplete. When the battery depletes, you don’t need to toss away the TrackR Pixel. Instead, using the TrackR App, you can press a button and TrackR will send you a new battery. For free!

The TrackR Pixel isn’t very different from the Tile Tracking Device. But, the BlueTooth radius is 100-feet less than that of the Tile Tracking Device. If you want to have a greater BlueTooth radius, then the Tile Tracking Device may be a wiser choice.


Ultimately, though, the TrackR Pixel is a great tracking device that is inexpensive, easy-to-use, and has a few excellent features!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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