Tineco Floor ONE S5 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Review

The Tineco Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner was truly a unique and irreplaceable addition to my cleaning tool collection. Before purchasing this vacuum, I knew I was in for a wild experience as I had never heard of a vacuum cleaner dedicated to cleaning up sticky messes, and I thought this was too good to be true and the device cannot be as efficient as it is advertised to be. But man, was I wrong. The Tineco wet-dry vacuum includes an iLoop Smart sensor that easily detected the mess and adjusted to either a suction, brush roller or water flow mechanism to appropriately tackle the dirty situation I was dealing with. The convenience of this device was one of the best features, as the vacuum is cordless and can run for an entire 35 minutes before needing to be recharged again. Traditional vacuums that I have used in the past doubled the time it took to clean each room in my home as I was forced to unplug and re-plug the adapter into each wall, and that doesn’t even include the tedious task of untangling the cord from my furniture. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a very large water tank that also reduces the time spent refilling the machine with new water, allowing me to focus my complete attention and energy on efficiently vacuuming up all messes and suctioning all sticky situations. One of my favourite features of the Tineco Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is its lightweight structure that is self-propelled. I used to dread using my old, traditional, and abnormally heavy vacuum cleaners as I was basically experiencing an arm and upper torso workout with each cleaning session that lasted less than fifteen minutes. The Tineco vacuum cleaner has made me actually look forward to the therapeutic action of suctioning my messes without having to worry about a strenuous and labour-intensive task. The technological upgrade of this device is absolutely revolutionary, as it includes connectivity to the Tineco App in which a voice assistant informs you of cleaning reports as well as provides reminders about necessary maintenance to keep the device running optimally. In the past, dealing with sticky messes included using a strong-smelling disinfectant spray and cheap washcloths that left a trace of fibres, making the cleaning session basically pointless. Now, that I own the Tineco Wet Dry Vacuum cleaner, I don’t dread wet messes anymore as I easily unplug the cordless vacuum and quickly swipe away the sticky residue. When I am done, the machine is extremely low maintenance as it performs a self-cleaning function in which it releases the collected dirt from the inner tubing that requires no hands-on action from me. My only concern is that I hope the machine lasts for years and years, as it has been extremely helpful and convenient. I hope it continues to perform at a high-functioning level in the future. I would strongly recommend this product to all households, especially those with children that are guilty of making food-related messes often. The Tineco Wet Dry vacuum cleaner is sure to wipe away those sticky messes in an instant.

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