BISSELL Crosswave vs. Tineco iFloor

When people are searching for a good wet-dry vacuum, they often end up looking at the vacuums that Tineco and BISSELL have produced. And, this is because they are, by far, the best manufacturers of wet-dry vacuums.

If you want a wet-dry vacuum that is of truly exceptional quality, then you must go with either Tineco, or BISSELL, because they have perfected wet dry vacuums, and the overall design that comprises a wet-dry vacuum.

In today’s buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the Tineco iFloor, and the BISSELL Crosswave, two of the best wet dry vacuums on the market. You’re going to learn all about what kinds of features they offer, and how they will make your life a little easier, and a little more pleasant.

Right before we dive into that, we’re going to go over what a wet-dry vacuum is, though.

What Exactly Is A Wet Dry Vacuum?

Here’s the funny thing about wet dry vacuums, you’re going to find that there are two common definitions for this type of vacuum, and they both refer to a different type of vacuum.

So, the first definition refers to a vacuum that has been designed to vacuum up dry matter – and this is what every vacuum cleaner can do, generally speaking – as well as wet matter, which is things like water.

These are very popular vacuums, and they’re incredibly useful. But, we’re not going to be talking about this type of vacuum today.

Tineco iFloor vs. BISSELL Crosswave

Instead, we’re going to be talking about the wet-dry vacuums that serve as vacuum cleaners, and as mops. This is another definition for a wet-dry vacuum.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Tineco iFloor, and the BISSELL Crosswave and both of these wet-dry vacuums come with a basic vacuuming function and a mopping function that uses water to enhance the cleaning process. Through the use of these two functions, you can make your floors look beautiful!

Tineco iFloor

With a weight of 6.5 pounds, this is not a particularly heavy wet-dry vacuum. And, this is a big advantage, because the Tineco iFloor has been designed with mobility and versatility, as one of its main functions.

Tineco iFloor

You see, this is a cordless wet dry vacuum, and this means that, as long as you have battery-life, you can move it anywhere, allowing you to clean any space or section of your home, or any other place that you need to clean.

Naturally, this has many advantages, but one of the biggest advantages is simply the fact that you can clean tight corners and crevices. Something that many wet dry vacuums have difficulty doing.

When vacuuming, you can also wash your floors. This means you don’t need to sweep, before you mop. Instead, you can vacuum up all of the dirt and dust on your floor, and then you can mop up all of the grime and gunk that is on your floor. Once the cleaning process is all said and done, your home will have some lovely floors!

As you are cleaning, you will be using the Tineco Cleaning Solution, which is used to make the washing process more effective. This solution is quite good, and it works very well for removing pet stains, including muddy paw prints.

You can activate a mode known as “Spot Mode”, while cleaning, and this makes it significantly easier for you to remove various stains and dirty spots on your floor, in a shorter period. Along with that, when the brush needs to be cleaned, you just press a button and hold the button for three seconds, and that’s it!

Ultimately, the Tineco iFloor is an exceptionally well-designed wet-dry vacuum that is lightweight, versatile, easy-to-use, and effective. If you are looking for something that is the epitome of effective simplicity, then this is a great choice!

Tineco iFloor Review

BISSELL Crosswave

With a weight of 11.5 pounds, the BISSELL Crosswave is a bit heftier than the Tineco iFloor, but this isn’t necessarily a flaw. However, it does mean that you don’t have access to the same level of flexibility and versatility.

BISSELL Crosswave

Using the BISSELL Crosswave, you can vacuum your floors and wash them, at the same time. But, the key difference between the BISSELL Crosswave and the Tineco iFloor is the fact that this wet dry vacuum has been designed for all kinds of different surfaces.

Tile floors. Area rugs. Linoleum floors. Rubber floor mats. Hardwood floors. And quite a few more. With the Tineco iFloor, you don’t have this level of versatility and freedom, and are, instead, confined to hard floors.

So if you have floors that are a bit more diverse, then this is a great choice for a wet-dry vacuum, because the cleaning capabilities have been designed to accommodate all kinds of different floor types.

One of the things that BISSELL has emphasized a great deal, in their recent products, is the fact that they are “pet-friendly”. Now, what this means is that their products are designed to be used around pets, to clean up after pets, and, along with that, ten-percent of every sale goes to the BISSELL Pet Foundation.

The BISSELL Crosswave is no different, and it is especially good at vacuuming up dog hair and cleaning up pet messes, as well as odors.

Ultimately, the BISSELL Crosswave is a bulkier wet dry vacuum than the Tineco iFloor, but it offers more versatility and more power. If you want something powerful and effective, but, perhaps, a little less easy to use, then this is a perfect choice!

BISSELL Crosswave Review

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Both the Tineco iFloor and the BISSELL Crosswave are excellent wet dry vacuums. However, they both focus on different things, and this makes them a little different from one another.

For simplicity and ease-of-use, the Tineco iFloor is a fantastic choice! For power and efficiency, then you can’t go wrong with the BISSELL Crosswave!

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