Best Vacuum Cleaners for a Small Apartment in 2021

Best Vacuum Cleaners for a Small Apartment

Finding the ideal vacuum cleaner for a small apartment is no trivial task. At first, you might think that it’s a simple ordeal where you simply buy the cheapest vacuum cleaner you can find. However, that’s not a good strategy for a couple of reasons. Just because you don’t have a lot of space to clean doesn’t mean you want to clean it poorly. The problem with cheap vacuums tends to be that they don’t work well.

Often you will find that an area you just vacuumed over still has hair and other dust particles. The best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment is going to be one that is easily storable, works well, and stands up to the test of time. Some important factors as to what works well are going to be the layout of your apartment and the type of surfaces you’re cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaners for a Small Apartment

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Due to focusing your purchasing power on an affordable vacuum, the surface type becomes especially important as cheaper vacuums likely won’t work well on both smooth surfaces and carpeted surfaces. Make sure you know what type of surface the vacuum you’re planning to buy works best on and that it fits the layout of your apartment. If your apartment is half carpet and half tile you may be able to get by with just sweeping and mopping the tile portion.

If you have pets however that may not be an option as pet hair is kind of a pain to sweep up. The layout of your apartment and how many cramped spaces it has is also important to be aware of. Some vacuums might not be able to reach each crevice in your apartment while others will have special attachments designed precisely for this issue.

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Size Matters

Given you are in a tiny space, you’re going to want a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to store. The easiest to store vacuum cleaners are going to be either small or thin and long. Take note of where you plan to store the vacuum cleaner before you buy one.

There’s nothing worse than buying a new expensive tool and realizing you don’t have a good place to store it. The good thing about buying a size effective vacuum cleaner is that they also tend to be lighter and easier to maneuver and also tend to be cheaper. Just make sure you aren’t trading price for the quality.

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Nothing is more important in a vacuum cleaner than it’s filtration system. If you’re sucking in all of the dust and dirt in your house, you want to make sure that it stays in the vacuum and doesn’t just get blown back out into the room.

If you have allergies and are extra sensitive to dust, you should make sure you are buying a vacuum that is advertised as having a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber, or in other words, it’s good at absorbing dust. HEPA filters will take out 99% of the dust in the air, and are an excellent way to ensure your allergies don’t flare up when cleaning.

The Style

There are actually a couple of different styles of vacuum that you can choose from, and all three will offer unique benefits to storage and to cleaning in a small apartment. There are your typical upright vacuums that have a bag, or some that have a small well instead of your traditional bag. The ones you might not be aware of however are canister vacuums which use a backpack shaped pod as the bag and engine and have a hose with different attachments.

The canister ones are our favorite pick for small apartments as they are a bit easier to store than upright vacuums and generally it’s easier to get to hard to reach places with them. Finally, there are also hand vacuums that are designed to be carried around with you as you clean. Unfortunately, these are ill-suited to be used on the floors unless you fancy crawling around.

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Buying Guide

Once you’ve considered your options and the different factors at play, you should have a clear picture of the type of vacuum that will work best in your living space. Make sure you’re aware of how many hard to reach spots your apartment has, the type of flooring you have, whether you need a HEPA filter or can go without, and which style of vacuum cleaner you prefer.

Whether you have a clear picture of what you want or not, our selected reviews will help you make an informed decision to guarantee you get the best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment.

Best vacuum cleaners for small apartments and studios

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