Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts

Let This Christmas Be One They Will Remember

It’s never too early to start thinking about that special Christmas gift for family and friends. While looking for practicality, there’s something to be said about making your gift something so unique that they will cherish it for years to come rather than depositing it in a dust bin at the first opportunity or including it in their garage sale.

We’ve scoured the internet and come up with some gift ideas that say “wow” and will put a smile on even old Uncle Scrooge.

Every family has a certain someone who doesn’t like to get out of bed in the morning, especially when it’s cold, give them a reason to get up. Let them slip into a wearable blanket made by the folks at The Comfy.

No matter how old they are, they’ll be delighted to dawn this ultra-luxurious microfiber garment offered in an array of colors and patterns. Don’t worry about the size. These wearables are advertised as one-size-fits-all. Once they put it on, they may never want to take it off.

There’s always one in the family who wants to be prepared for every eventuality. This Christmas, give them The Five Mile flashlight. This versatile flashlight can send a beam five nautical miles (5.75 miles) and is advertised to be 40 times brighter than the average flashlight. Its LED is rated to last up to 100,000 hours. Features include a setting that allows the user to choose just how bright they need it and a strobe light to use in case of emergency. The night will always be bright.

For that avid gardener who always complains about their bad back because they are constantly hunched over their garden pulling weeds, get them the rugged gardening stool and tool bag. The folding stool set includes a 21-pocket toolbag made of water-resistant steel nylon, which can easily be detached from the stool when necessary. They will thank you, and their back will thank you.

We’re all looking for that good night’s sleep. For the restless sleeper in your family, get them the Dodow, a relatively simple device that the makers claim will get your insomniac to sleep within eight minutes. It’s a simple device that beams a pulsating light onto the ceiling.

All one does is to watch the light and synchronize their breathing to it. The focus itself takes their mind off what is keeping them awake. The pulsating light slows breathing down from 11 to six breaths per minute – enough to allow them to fall asleep and be well-rested the following day.

Here’s the perfect gift for that chocoholic in your family. Give them a subscription to the Chocolate of the Month Club, which will deliver one pound of premium hand-crafted chocolate candy made from all-natural ingredients from the finest chocolatiers worldwide. It’s a sweet way to start the new year.

From sweet to spicy, the Hot Sauce of the Month Club will deliver the tastiest gourmet sauces produced by small-batch boutique producers from all around. Each month they will receive two of the most delicate mouth-watering gourmet sauces made from all-natural ingredients. Dinners will never be the same.

For the beer connoisseur in your family always looking for that exceptional taste, give them a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club. Each month they will receive four varieties of some of the finest hand-crafted beers from across the country. Prost!

If you are looking for something special for the adventurer in the family, give them the adventure of a lifetime with a weekend of bungee jumping and zip-lining. The company, Cloud 9 family, a part of the Virgin family, advertises some 2,000 adventures throughout the country. Adventure awaits!

If you have someone in the family who wants to travel and see the world but is unsure because he or she can’t speak the language, then here’s the perfect gift for them – The MUAMA Enence, a simple hand-held device capable of translating up to 36 languages within seconds.

Just speak into the hand-held device, and it instantly translates their speech into the desired language they wish to use. They then record the speaker, and it will instantly translate the language back into their mother tongue. They’ll never be lost in translation again.

Avid coffee drinkers will be delighted with a subscription to Gift Coffee From Around The World, allowing them the opportunity to sample gourmet coffee from micro-lots from all over. Subscriptions are available for three, six, and 12 months. They will think of you with each sip.

Movie nights will be taken to a new level with a portable outdoor movie projector from Goodee. This projector, compatible with a wide range of devices, provides HD quality with stereo sound. The projector is capable of supporting a 300-inch screen giving you and yours the theater experience you and your family crave. All you need now is a popcorn machine.

Those green thumbs who love to grow their herbs and vegetables but are limited by winter weather will be carried away with the Harvest Elite Slim. This indoor planting system allows them to produce herbs and vegetables right on top of the kitchen counter. The 20 watt LED grow light induces growth five times faster than traditional outdoor methods.

The stainless steel-finish container has room for six plants that can grow up to 12 inches tall. The simple digital display control screen makes it a breeze to monitor plants, including reminders of when to feed and water them. No bugs. No dirt. Just fresh herbs and veggies that will add flavor to any home-cooked meal.

Nothing brings back memories like recalling those days of sitting around the campfire, telling stories while making s’mores. Now share those memories of that delicious treat with the stainless steel s’mores maker, complete with four trays to hold Hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

The kit also includes two roasting forks for the marshmallows. The electric flameless heater will have your treats ready in no time. Indoors or out, there’s always room for s’more.

Do you know someone always complaining that their ice tea or soft drink isn’t cold enough? Give them the HyperChiller by Maxi-Matic, which can chill their favorite beverage in 60 seconds flat! Just pour juice, coffee, tea, wine, beer, or any favorite beverage into the HyperChiller’s patented super cooling chamber.

Within one minute, it will drop the temperature of that liquid by more than130 degrees, giving them the perfect ice-cold drink. The pour spout provides a downward pour right into their glass. It’s the ideal way to chill on any hot day.

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