In recent years, we’ve seen a wide variety of different home cleaning tools be invented. One of these tools happens to be the canister vacuum.

Best Canister Vacuums

Of course, vacuum cleaners, themselves, were invented long before canister vacuums were invented. In fact, the first vacuum cleaner was invented in the year 1901. The two inventors were Hubert Cecil Booth, and David T. Kenney.

Now, back in 1901, vacuum cleaners looked quite a bit different from the way they do now. The design was crude, primitive, and not particularly practical when you got down to it. But, the idea was sound, and as you can see, it remains that way.

Vacuum cleaners are pretty simple devices. The main idea is that a small air pump – well, sometimes it’s a big air pump, depending on the size of the vacuum cleaner – is used to produce air, and this air then forms what is known as a “partial vacuum”. A partial vacuum is a space that is devoid of matter, and using the air that this partial vacuum has been created with, and is creating, things like dirt, dust, and debris are able to be sucked into this partial vacuum, and straight into the vacuum cleaner.

Once the dirt has been sucked into the vacuum cleaner, it usually passes through some type of filtration mechanism. These mechanisms are designed to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t become clogged and that the big particles are separate from the larger particles. As filters have become more advanced, many of them have been given features that allow them to remove nasty odors, and to remove especially nasty particles from the particles that have been sucked into the vacuum.

Best Canister Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Overall, that’s the basic concept of what a vacuum cleaner does. Today that is, since the addition of things like filtration mechanisms, and the concept of a dustbin that is used to store what has been vacuumed were not to be found in the original concept for a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners may be simple machines, but they are exceptionally useful ones. They make the entire process of cleaning your floors a much easier, much more streamlined, and, of course, a much more pleasant experience. They also ensure that you won’t be spending anywhere near as much time cleaning your floors, as you would doing the job by hand, or with another, less effective, tool. And that is, of course, one of the fundamental qualities that makes an invention “good” or even “revolutionary”. A good invention takes a difficult or annoying task, and it lessens the difficulty/annoyance by a great deal, while also lessening the time that task takes, so that you have more time to spend doing the things that you genuinely care about and enjoy doing.

As you may have gathered from the title, today, we’re going to be looking at the top fifteen best canister vacuums for cleaning hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. However, before we do that, we’re going to look at a few other types of vacuum cleaners, and then we’re going to look at what a canister vacuum does that is so unique, in comparison to those other types of vacuums.

Best Canister Vacuums for Laminate Floors

What Other Types Of Vacuums Are There?

Let’s start with the most popular type of vacuum cleaner available. Upright vacuums are everywhere. You can find them at just about any grocery store and home improvement store, and, well, just about everywhere else..

There are many reasons for its popularity. However, the biggest reason is the fact that they are incredibly cheap. And yet, despite their low costs, they offer a tremendous amount of power.

Part of the reason why they’re so cheap is because upright vacuums have been around for many years. Because of this, they’ve had a lot of time to develop and to advance, which leads to a number of very important design choices that have lead to the current state of upright vacuums.

They are one of the earliest vacuum cleaner types, and they are also the most popular vacuum cleaner type that you can find in today’s market.

Upright vacuums have a simplistic, if somewhat obtuse, design. They stand tall and upright, and they tend to be rather wide and bulky. Lifting an Upright Vacuum up off of the ground isn’t recommended since they usually weigh a lot. One of the downsides to this is the fact that you can’t really clean narrow or tight spaces with an upright vacuum. Instead, you’re confined to spaces that are a bit more open. This also makes storing the upright vacuum a bit of a challenge especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of room to work with.

Due to the size of their design, though, they’re able to have increasingly large motors. These are not weak motors. They are very strong and very powerful, and that is due to the size and the way the size is optimized, which allows for absolutely fantastic suction, and large dustbins.

For a time, if you wanted power, at a relatively affordable price, an upright vacuum was truly the only choice you had. But, that was the case years ago, and now, upright vacuums have a competitor.

That competitor is, of course, canister vacuums. A canister vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner where the motor and dustbin is stored within a canister. This canister holds all of the main components of the vacuum, and a lengthy wand is attached to this canister. Right at the end of the wand, there’s the cleaning nozzle. On the canister itself, there tends to be wheels of some kind.

Now, canister vacuums have a much more subtle design, than upright vacuums. They are smaller, more compact, and a lot easier to store. Along with that, they tend to offer the same amount of power as that of an upright vacuum, and sometimes even more, since the canister design allows the manufacturer to make the canister – and, in turn, the motor – as big as they want it.

Best Canister Vacuums for Tile Floors

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Canister Vacuum?

As far as vacuum cleaners go, canister vacuums are very lightweight, especially in comparison to upright vacuums. Most canister vacuums don’t weigh that much, and this makes them easy to pick up and move around. Along with that, they have wheels on the bottom, which makes it really easy for you to move the canister vacuum around.

Due to the lightweight nature of most canister vacuums, using them is a pretty easy process. And the same can be said for the size, which tends to be rather small and compact. You can easily store your canister vacuum, and you can move it within smaller and more narrow spaces. Part of this also has to do with the wand. Most of the time, the wand is very long, and it’s easy for you to move the wand underneath furniture, into tight corners and crevices, and into many other types of spaces, as well,

The biggest advantage that a canister vacuum presents is the fact that it offers this convenience, ease-of-use, and physical versatility, while also providing you with a tremendous amount of power. And this power enables you to clean just about any surface you can imagine. Whether it’s a hard floor, or a soft floor, or even things like upholstery, you are able to clean those things, using a canister vacuum.

This combination of features and attributes is why canister vacuums are so useful and so advantageous. Because of this, we’re now going to be taking a look at the top fifteen best canister vacuums for cleaning hardwood floors, laminate floors, and tile floors.

Canister Vacuums

Let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Best Canister Vacuums For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review

First on our list for the top five best canister vacuums for cleaning hardwood floors is the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G. This canister vacuum comes directly from Eureka, and it’s a simple, rather basic, but powerful canister vacuum.

Using 10 amps of power, you’ll be able to clean just about anything with the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G. However, due to the suction power it offers, it works especially well on hard floors, rather than soft floors.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow, Pet, 3670G-Yellow

Weighing just 8.6 pounds, this is a lightweight canister vacuum. There’s a small handle on the top that makes it easy to pick up and move around, and there are wheels on the back of the vacuum, as well.

Ultimately, if you want to clean hardwood floors, and you want something that is basic, small, and easy-to-use, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity and efficiency of the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Review

Next up on the list is the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum. This is a far more expensive canister vacuum than the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G, and it’s also a lot more powerful and advanced.

First off, in terms of sheer power, you have access to 250 AW. This is quite a bit of power, and because of this power, you can easily clean hardwood floors, as well as many other surfaces, even rugs, and thick carpeting.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

Using carbon fiber filaments, you can easily pick up dirt, dust, and other types of debris. The nylon bristles on the brush make it easy to remove dirt or dust that has been lodged into your flooring, as well.

However, the convenience that the Dyson Big Ball offers is fantastic, too. The vacuum is in the shape of a big ball, and the vacuum turns on the spot and is very easy to pick up and move around. It doesn’t fall down or topples over if you stop holding it.

Eureka Whirlwind NEN110A Review

For cleaning hardwood floors, the Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind is truly a fantastic choice. With a weight of just under eight pounds, this is a very lightweight and easy to use a vacuum. Due to its small size, you can move it around smaller spaces and crevices with immense ease, and it’s great for cleaning all kinds of spaces.

When using the vacuum, everything flows into a dust container, and this dust container holds a total of 3 liters of dust, dirt, and debris. For an inexpensive, and relatively small, canister vacuum, this is exceptional. Because of this, you can vacuum for longer periods of time, without having to empty it constantly.

Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, NEN110A Lightweight Corded Vacuum for Carpets and Hard Floors

One of the greatest features, though, is the cleaning performance. Using the Eureka NEN110A, you won’t have any problems, at all, cleaning your hardwood floors. You won’t have any problems cleaning other surfaces, as well, such as carpets and rugs, and other hard floors. While cleaning, you can adjust the airflow that is being produced, at any given time, enabling you to vacuum in the way you want to vacuum.

Severin Germany Nonstop Cordless Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

With this canister vacuum, Severin has produced a truly efficient and convenient machine, that makes the process of vacuuming your hardwood floors, and cleaning off all of the dirt and grime, very simple and very easy.

Through the use of Multi-Cyclone Technology, this canister vacuum produces a tremendous amount of suction. This suction is directed in various channels, that allow it to pick up all of the dirt, dust, and debris that it comes into contact with.

Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Due to this suction, you’re able to clean any type of floor. Especially hardwood floors, which this canister vacuum is especially good at cleaning. And then, everything is broken up, through the use of the cyclone that is created, and it passes through a filtration system that breaks up the big particles and the small particles, ensuring that they enter the dust canister and are properly disposed of.

To aid in the flexibility that this canister vacuum offers, there are also several nozzles. There is an upholstery nozzle, a furniture nozzle, and a crevice nozzle. These things make it easier to clean those types of surfaces.

Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Review

Miele is a well-respected and very reputable vacuum manufacturer, but for whatever reason, they’ve never had the same level of popularity as, say, Eureka. However, in spite of that, their canister vacuums are excellent, and this quality is very much apparent in the Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum.

With this canister vacuum, you have six different suction speeds that you can choose from. And these settings are great, because you can adjust them to the needs of your flooring, and just how dirty, or clean, they are.

Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Lotus White 2

The brush roll is pretty basic, but it works well enough at cleaning both hard floors and soft floors. However, it has been designed with hard floors in mind, and as such, you’re better off using it for those surfaces.

Using the wand that is connected to the brush roll, the cleaning radius is 29.5 feet. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to where you clean and how you clean.

With this flexibility and overall cleaning power, you get the Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum, which provides a fantastic cleaning experience.

Top 5 Best Canister Vacuums For Cleaning Laminate Floors

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

First on our list for the top five best canister vacuums for cleaning laminate floors is the Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum.

Bissell is a very well-known manufacturer of vacuums, as well as other devices. This canister vacuum is indicative of Bissell’s excellent quality and commitment to simple and easy-to-understand designs, that are also incredibly powerful.

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Maroon, 4122 - Corded

Operating with ten amps of power, the Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum is able to clean your laminate floors effortlessly. Those ten amps produce a great deal of suction power, and this suction power is then combined with the motorhead, which has been designed for hard floors, and soft floors. To switch between the two, all you need to do is press a switch, and the suction speed will adjust.

Due to the telescoping wand and lightweight nature of the vacuum, you have the mobility and freedom to clean many different types of spaces.

Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum Review

The Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum is a flexible, easy-to-use, and incredibly powerful canister vacuum.

One of its most notable features is the fact that it offers 107 CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute – of suction power. The majority of canister vacuums offer, according to Prolux, only 70 CFM, so this is quite a bit of suction power.

Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum HEPA Sealed Hard Floor Vacuum with Powerful 12 Amp Motor

Using this suction power, cleaning is a very easy task. Especially laminate flooring, where the suction can easily allow the hose to simply “glide” over the floor, sucking up everything in its path.

By the time you’re done using the vacuum, your floors will be completely spotless!

Kenmore 81414 Multi-Surface Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Kenmore 81414 Multi-Surface Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a great canister vacuum that comes directly from Kenmore. Kenmore has put a lot of time and energy into developing a well-designed canister vacuum that offers you a great deal of power, as well as the flexibility and versatility to clean many different types of spaces.

Through the use of a two-motor system and two individual floor nozzles, you have all the suction power you could need to clean laminate flooring, and just about any other type of flooring you can imagine.

Kenmore 81414 Multi-Surface Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Cord Rewind and Extended Reach, Cherry

To aid in this power, there are three attachments that Kenmore has provided. One of which is a dusting brush, for gently removing dust. Another is a crevice tool, for cleaning small crevices, nooks, and crannies. Finally, the last attachment is a bare floor tool, which makes it easy to clean bare floors, such as laminate flooring.

Miele Classic C1 Review

For a more bare and less aesthetically pleasing canister vacuum, the Miele Classic C1 is a really nice choice, because it offers a lot of power, and it’s convenient and easy to use.

Through the use of a small dial that is on the top of the vacuum, you are able to change the suction that is being used, at any given time. This is a convenient way to access whatever suction speed is desired.

Miele Classic C1 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite Grey

The floorhead has been designed to clean hard and soft floors. To adjust the setting that is being used, there is a small switch that you can access, using your foot.

One of the great things about the floorhead is that the brush allows it to glide across hard floors, especially laminate floors.

Miele Complete C2 Review

The Miele Complete C2 is, as the name would suggest, an upgrade to the Miele Classic C1.

With a 1200 watt motor and six different suction speeds to choose from, Miele has spent a lot of time and energy developing this canister vacuums suction capabilities and overall power. You can clean almost anything with it, and that makes it very useful, and very flexible.

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD285-3

One of the greatest features of the Miele Complete C2 is the fact that it’s well-designed and ergonomic. This means that moving the canister vacuum around, handling it, and using it, is not a difficult task, making the vacuuming process a lot easier, and even kind of enjoyable.

Top 5 Best Canister Vacuums For Tile Floors

Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum Review

Right off the bat, we’re going to start this list with the Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum. As vacuum manufacturers go, Ovente isn’t exactly one of the most well-known manufacturers. However, the vacuums that they have manufactured are very good, and the Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum is proof of that.

With the Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum, you get an affordable, simple, easy-to-use, and an incredibly powerful canister vacuum.

Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filter and SofaPet Brush

In terms of price, this is an inexpensive canister vacuum. When you consider all that you get, it’s a really nice price, since you get a lot of power, and a lot of attachments to aid in using the vacuum.

For cleaning tile floors, you won’t have any problems whatsoever. The suction is strong and is powered by a 1200 watt motor, and the attachments you can use with the nozzle, such as the crevice or bristle brush, make cleaning a truly efficient and easy experience.

Ovente ST2620R Review

The Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum and the Ovente ST2620R have many similarities. In many ways, they are basically the same exact vacuum.

However, the Ovente ST2620R offers 1400 watts of power, rather than just 1200 watts of power. This extra power isn’t much, but it does make cleaning a bit easier especially if your tile floors are especially full of dirt, dust, and debris.

Ovente Electric Bagless Canister Vacuum, HEPA Filtration System, Automatic Cable Rewind

In the end, though, it’s very similar to the Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum, but that also means it has all of the excellent qualities that that canister vacuum has.

So, if you like the Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum, but want something more powerful, this is a great choice!

Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum Review

The third canister vacuum on this list is the Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum.

Using multi-cyclonic technology, this canister vacuum is especially good for moving across tile floors, and picking up large chunks of dirt and dust, as well as smaller pieces of debris. Then, using the cyclone that the vacuum creates, it pulls everything apart and allows everything to flow through the filtration system and into the dust canister, with immense ease.

Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum - Corded

For convenience, you can control the suction settings using a set of switches. These are easily accessible, since they’re close to the top, and they make using the vacuum an incredibly easy experience.

Miele Complete C3 Review

With the Miele Complete C3, you’re getting a vacuuming experience similar to that of the Miele Complete C2, but there are a couple of additions that transform the vacuuming experience.

One of these is the new floorhead, which has been designed with stronger materials. It has also been designed with a stronger brush, and stronger suction, due to the air channels it creates. This makes it especially useful for cleaning up debris that is on your tile floors. It also works great for cleaning up fur and dust and dirt.

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SEB236 Powerhead Bundle

Using the floorhead, you can swivel it, twist it around, flatten it, push it up, and move it around in many directions. This gives you a lot of flexibility and versatility.

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Review

Finally, last but not least, is the Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum. This is definitely one of Miele’s most advanced canister vacuums, and much of this speed and efficiency comes from the “electrobrush” that Miele has developed.

Using this electrobrush, you can glide across tile and other hard flooring. The brush is soft but powerful, and very good at picking up dirt, dust, and debris, of all sorts. On carpeting, it works just as well, and it has been designed to provide powerful air channels that serve as a mechanism for dislodging and loosening dirt, dust, and debris that has been lodged into the depths of the carpet.

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)

Overall, if you want an advanced, easy-to-use, well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing canister vacuum, the Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum is a great choice.

What Do I Need To Look For When Searching For A Good Canister Vacuum?

Whenever you buy any kind of tool, there’s always going to be a couple of different factors that must be considered.

Naturally, the same is true of finding a good canister vacuum. When you’re looking for a good canister vacuum, you need to consider your own needs and wants, when it comes to the kind of canister vacuum you would like to use. From this information, you’re going to be able to make a much better purchasing decision for yourself.

Canister Vacuums Guide

In this quick buying guide, you’re going to learn the four things that you must look for, and consider when searching for the best canister vacuum for yourself.

The Types Of Surfaces It Is Designed To Clean

Ultimately, this is probably the most important aspect that you’re going to need to consider and take note of.

Some canister vacuums work very well on both soft and hard floors. Unfortunately, many of them do not, and this means that some of them work great on soft floors, but very poorly on hard floors or vice versa.

Going deeper, though, it also means that there are some canister vacuums that can clean hardwood floors exceptionally well. But, when cleaning tile floors or laminate floors, they aren’t really able to clean them as well. This could be due to a myriad of different factors, such as weak suction, or a brush roll that isn’t designed for particular surfaces.

When searching for the ideal canister vacuum, you must consider the types of surfaces that are in your home. Then, from this information, look for canister vacuums that have been designed to accommodate those particular surfaces.

In the long run, using a canister vacuum designed for your floor types will make life a lot easier, and the overall vacuuming experience will be much more pleasant.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The Size And Weight Of The Canister Vacuum

Most canister vacuums are relatively small and lightweight. Especially in comparison to their counterparts, which are upright vacuums. However, this doesn’t mean that every single canister vacuum is going to be a versatile, flexible, and really easy-to-use device. Many of them are, and many of them aren’t.

Part of this comes down to the canister design, which is quite open-ended. Allowing for many different variations on the main canister design. Because of this, you’ll find really big canisters and much smaller canisters. Each one with its own distinct set of advantages.

When searching for a good canister vacuum, consider the size of the space that you will be cleaning. Consider the types of spaces within that space. Are they small spaces? Tight spaces? Or are they larger, more open spaces?

If they are smaller spaces, then you’re going to need a canister vacuum that is smaller and more lightweight. Something that can more easily move around within a smaller space, without bumping up against various objects and walls.

If they are bigger spaces, you have a lot more freedom in this regard, and can get away with purchasing a slightly bulkier, slightly heavier, canister vacuum. However, that doesn’t mean you would want to since the lightweight ones are usually just as powerful as the larger, heavier ones.

Top 15 Best Canister Vacuums

The Versatility Of The Canister Vacuum

Versatility is a bit tricky to define, but, essentially, it has to do with features such as the length of the power cord, the length of the hose, as well as the different surfaces that the canister vacuum has been designed to clean. It also has to do with the settings that the canister vacuum offers when it comes to adjusting the suction and other attributes.

When you’re searching for a canister vacuum, take note of the power cord length if there is one. Ideally, it will be at least twenty feet. This gives you the flexibility to clean larger spaces, without having to constantly plug the canister vacuum in, and then out again.

For the main hose, it should be at least 20 feet, as well. However, more is better. Especially if you are cleaning larger spaces, or spaces that are underneath furniture, and a bit more closed-off.

As for the settings that the canister vacuum offers, it’s important that it offers some basic settings, such as being able to change the speed while using the vacuum. That one is important since it gives you the flexibility to clean different types of surfaces that require different levels of suction power.

Ultimately, all of these individual features contribute to a versatile and flexible vacuuming experience, that gives you the freedom to clean what you want.

The Cost

Many of these purchases come down to cost, and purchasing a canister vacuum isn’t much different.

Fortunately, even though canister vacuums tend to be a bit more expensive than upright vacuums, they are still quite affordable.

For a price of around $60 or $70, you can get a really nice canister vacuum. If you spend around $150 to $200, you’ll be getting a truly fantastic canister vacuum that excels at cleaning your floors, and enables you to clean just about anything else, as well.


Canister vacuums are extremely useful devices. With the right canister vacuum, your life can be significantly easier, since you’ll be able to streamline the entire vacuuming process and to clean all of your floors efficiently.

By reading this buying guide, you now know exactly what to look for in a good canister vacuum. You also know all about the best canister vacuums that you can find on the market today!

Using this information, you’re now able to redefine your vacuuming experience and to turn it into something convenient, easy, and efficient.

Best Canister Vacuums for Hardwood/Laminate/Tile Floors

Overall Recommended Canister Vacuums
Best of the Best! Budget Option Also Great
Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2) ureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Electro+ Eureka NEN110A Miele Classic C1
 • Hard Floor / Carpet
 • Filterbag
 • 18.7 lbs
 • HEPA Filtration
 • Hard Floor
 • Bagless
 • 8.3 lbs
 • -
 • Hard Floor / Low-Pile Carpet
 • Filterbag
 • 11.4 lbs
 • -

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