Toppin vs. Dyson Stick Vacuums

For a good stick vacuum, Toppin and Dyson are two of the best brands you can go with. By reading this review, you will be able to find the stick vacuum that is right for you.

Toppin vs. Dyson Stick Vacuums

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Toppin Stick Vacuum

Very Affordable

Right away, it’s important to note that this stick vacuum is very affordable.

You won’t have to spend much money to acquire this vacuum.

As a result, if you’re on a budget, and want something good, then this vacuum is a good choice

Lightweight & Mobile

The essence of this stick vacuum is mobility.

A weight of 3.08-pounds ensures that this essence is felt in every facet of the vacuum.

You can move this vacuum across your home with ease.

By doing so, you can vacuum any space or surface within your home.

Due to the cordless nature of this vacuum, you can also vacuum in spaces far outside of your home.

Decent Battery-Life

The total battery-life this stick vacuum offers is around 35-minutes.

Yes, that’s not much.

But, for a quick vacuuming, this battery-life is more than sufficient.

Plus, due to the lightweight design of the vacuum, moving it from space to space takes less time than, say, an upright vacuum.

Strong Suction Power

The total suction power this stick vacuum offers is 12kPa.

With this suction power, you can easily remove dirt, dust, and debris from hard surfaces, as well as some soft surfaces.

For the most part, you should be using this stick vacuum to clean hard surfaces.

Hard surfaces, such as hard floors, tables, desks, countertops, and walls; among various others.

The mobility this vacuum offers makes cleaning all of those surfaces a pleasant and easy task.

You can clean soft surfaces with this vacuum. Soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs, bed sheets; and various others.

But, for especially thick soft surfaces, the suction power isn’t quite sufficient.

Reliable Brush

The brush this stick vacuum relies on is 35MM-wide.

Even though that isn’t a lot, it’s more than sufficient for many vacuuming tasks.

You can easily vacuum up pet hair, dirt, and dust.

Some pieces of debris – small pieces, specifically – can be brushed up with a fair amount of ease, as well.


In the end, if you need a very affordable stick vacuum, that offers plenty of power, then the Toppin Stick Vacuum is a great choice.

Dyson V8 Animal

Very Expensive

Right off the bat, you should note that the Dyson V8 Animal is very expensive.

Relative to the Toppin Stick Vacuum, that is.

If you want the best, however, and are willing to spend what’s necessary to get the best, then this stick vacuum is a great purchase.

Very Mobile; Very Versatile

You can use this stick vacuum as you would a regular stick vacuum.

Just push the vacuum across your floors, vacuuming everything that happens to be in your path.

You can also use this stick vacuum as a handheld vacuum.

Just press a button. Upon doing so, the vacuum becomes much smaller. You can hold this handheld vacuum with just one hand, and move it across and around any space or surface within your home.

Since this handheld feature is in-place, and since this handheld vacuum feels great to handle, you are given access to a truly versatile and mobile experience.

All of this versatility and mobility makes cleaning just about anything a nearly effortless experience.

Powerful Cleaner Head

The Dyson V8 Animal relies on a Direct Drive Cleaner Head.

You can, with this cleaner head, remove dirt, dust, and debris from any hard surface.

Hardwood floors, for example, can be cleaned with ease.

But, what’s more, you can also clean nearly any soft surface.

Even the densest rugs and carpets can be cleaned with this stick vacuum.

As such, if you need to clean thick surfaces, this stick vacuum is excellent.

Fantastic Suction Power

Just as the cleaner head makes cleaning soft surfaces effortless, so, too, does the suction power.

You can, with this suction power, remove dirt, dust, and debris from soft and hard surfaces of all sorts.

All of this allows for tremendous versatility, as well as exceptional efficiency. Far more efficiency than many other stick vacuums are capable of offering.


At the end of the day, if you can look past the high price, and want the best, then the Dyson V8 Animal is one of the best stick vacuums that you can purchase.


many models, maybe v11, but it’s much more expensive

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