A garage vacuum is a vacuum that you set up in your garage. But, unlike a regular vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t move around. Instead, when you set that vacuum cleaner up in your garage, it stays there. You can plug in different hoses to access the suction power, which comes from the motor, but you can’t move the garage vacuum around.

While they aren’t as popular as more traditional vacuum cleaners, garage vacuums are still very much in demand. And, the reason for this is because garage vacuums are very powerful. The reason why they’re so powerful is the motors are very large, which is why they must be contained in these big, bulky units.

In this buying guide, you’re going to be learning about two of the best garage vacuums. To start, you’re going to learn about the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum. And then, you’re going to learn about the Bissell Garage Pro. These are both excellent garage vacuums that have some excellent features, and you’re going to learn about those features!

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What Does The VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Have To Offer?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum is big. But, it’s not that heavy. It only weighs around seventeen-pounds. That’s because there isn’t anything in that big unit.

VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

To set up the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum, you need to mount it to your wall. Doing this isn’t difficult, though, because all of the tools and materials that you need are included. And, if you read the manual, you’ll see the exact instructions, regarding how you do this.

Within the unit itself, there’s a bag, and this bag holds all of the stuff that you’re going to be vacuuming. This bag can hold seven-gallons of dirt, dust, debris, and whatever else you’re vacuuming up. That’s quite a bit of space so that you can vacuum for a long period – or for days – and you won’t need to empty the canister out.

What’s nice about that bag, too, is the fact that it’s a HEPA bag. This means that it filters out the nasty particles that are inside of what you’re vacuuming. These are particles such as pollen, dander, and even things like germs and viruses.

VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Vacuum

To make use of the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum, you need to attach the hose. This hose is included, and it’s thirty-feet long. Since it’s so long, you can easily use it to clean your car, clean the different spaces within the garage, as well as different spaces that are outside of the garage.

Of course, while the hose itself is quite nice, you need to attach some kind of tool so that the suction can be properly harnessed. This is why VacuMaid has included a couple of different cleaning tools, as well as a wand.

What these cleaning tools do is allow you to harness all of the suction that is coming out of the hose. These tools consist of a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a floor tool, that allows you to brush and vacuum on various floor surfaces. There is also a telescopic curved wand that’s quite durable, and great for vacuuming in spaces that are a little more difficult to reach and get into.

If you are looking for a good wall mounted garage vacuum that doesn’t cost a lot of money, but delivers a great vacuuming experience, then the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum is a great choice!

VacuMaid GV30 Vacuum

What Does The Bissell Garage Pro Have To Offer?

The Bissell Garage Pro is not as powerful as the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum. But, it’s still very powerful, and it’s great for specific kinds of vacuuming tasks.

Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

More specifically, what the Bissell Garage Pro does, is it allows you to vacuum up dry material, just as every other vacuum allows you to do, as well as wet material. So, you can vacuum up things like dirt and dust, as well as water and various spilled liquids. This is incredibly useful, especially in a garage, since it makes the entire process of dealing with those kinds of spills so much easier, and so much more pleasant.

When you’re vacuuming up those liquids, among other materials, they all flow into the four-gallon tank. This tank is smaller than the seven gallon tank that the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum offers, so you’ll have to empty it out more often. But, it’s still pretty big, so it’s not a huge inconvenience.

For you to vacuum up liquids, as well as a variety of different materials, you’re going to be relying on the hose, which is thirty-two-feet long. This is a long hose, so it’s great for vacuuming in all of the different spaces and areas that are within your garage, and right outside of your garage.

On this hose, you can attach one of seven different attachments. These attachments are things like brushes and floor heads that make it very easy for you to vacuum on different surfaces and in different areas. They’re all very well-made, and you can just attach them by placing them onto the end of the hose, and that’s that.

Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

If you’ve vacuumed up a lot of water, for example, what’s nice is that you can turn the hose into a blower. You can then blow out of all of that water and liquid into a bucket or a drain or some other area. It’s a lot easier to do that, then to remove the four-gallon container, so that you can then dump all of that liquid out.

Ultimately, the Bissell Garage Pro is a very good wall mounted garage vacuum. What makes it great is the quality of the design, the efficiency of the motor, and the fact that you can vacuum up dry material, as well as wet material!

That being said, it’s important to remember that this vacuum isn’t as powerful as the VacuMaid Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum, so for especially challenging vacuuming tasks, it may not be ideal. But, for everything else, it’s great!

Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

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