Vaporizer vs Humidifier vs Diffuser vs Air Purifier

In this guide, you are going to learn the difference between a vaporizer, humidifier, diffuser, and air purifier. By learning about these differences, you will learn which of these four devices offers what you need.

Vaporizer vs Humidifier vs Diffuser vs Air Purifier

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What Is A Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that turns liquids into pure vapor. When the vaporization process is complete, the liquids that have been vaporized can then be inhaled. More often than not, a vaporizer is used to turn water into vapor, so that it can then be inhaled and used to moisten the throat and nasal passages within your body. Many vaporizers allow for certain, very specialized, medicines to be mixed into the vaporizer, so that they can be inhaled along with the water vapor.

To perform the vaporization function, a vaporizer uses a special heating element. By using this heating element, a vaporizer is able to turn the water – among other liquids – that is in the vaporizer into vapor. It does this by heating up that water, and then using a mechanism that allows the vapor to exit the vaporizer and to flow directly into the space that the vaporizer is located in.

What Is A Humidifier?

A humidifier is quite similar to a vaporizer. To use a humidifier, you must pour a certain amount of water into the device. Upon doing this, the humidifier is then able to turn that water into humidity, which will flow out of the humidifier and into the air that surrounds the humidifier. By doing this, you can then inhale the humidity, which will help moisten your nasal and throat passages, which helps to fight against sickness.

Many humidifiers, however, are quite a bit different when it comes to how they perform the humidification function. You can easily find humidifiers that use basic heating mechanisms to heat up the water that’s in the humidifier, allowing it to transform into humidity. Those humidifiers are known as “warm mist humidifiers”. But, you can also find humidifiers that use ultrasonic sound waves or fans to produce that same humidity, without the excess heat.

Warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers offer their own distinct benefits. For the winter season, warm mist humidifiers are excellent, since they add extra humidity into the air, as well as extra warmth. But, if it’s any other time of the year, cool mist humidifiers are often ideal, since they add more humidity, but without the excess heat.

What Is A Diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that takes small quantities of liquid and diffuses that small quantity of liquid into much smaller particles. By diffusing that liquid into much smaller particles, those particles can flow out of the diffuser and into the air. More often than not, diffusers are used with essential oils, and they are used to spread the lovely scent of those essential oils into spaces that are both big and small.

While a diffuser is quite simple, as a device, they are very useful. Many people use diffusers to break down essential oils, so that they are able to fill a space with a nice scent. But, along with that, diffusers can be used in conjunction with humidifiers – some humidifiers even have a diffuser built in – so that the humid air that is being produced smells very nice while adding a soothing and relaxing quality to that space.

What Is An Air Purifier?

The purpose of an air purifier is, of course, to purify air. For this to happen, an air purifier, more often than not, uses a fan to gather air from within a space. As this air is gathered into the air purifier, it then flows through a series of different mechanisms. Each one of these mechanisms is used to break down and remove the nasty particles within the air. That way, when the air comes out of the air purifier, it is clean and healthy to breath.

Today, there are so many different air purifiers that can be purchased. You can find air purifiers that fit on a table, air purifiers that are designed for warehouses, air purifiers that use highly-advanced technology to actively kill germs; among so many others.

For most people, a simple air purifier that offers a HEPA-Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. By having both of those filtration systems, you will be able to remove allergens, dust, germs, and bad smells from your home in a nearly effortless manner. Doing this will greatly enhance the air quality in your space.

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