What Is a Kubotan, How to Use One and Are They Legal?

Right now, there are all kinds of sleek, innovative, and extremely useful self-defense weapons that you can own and carry. But, one of the very best is a Kubotan. A Kubotan is super easy to carry with you at all times, and very easy to use during an intense situation. By reading through this quick guide, you will learn all about what a Kubotan is, what it does, whether it’s legal, and why you should own one.

Blue Kutoban
Blue Kutoban

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So, What Is A Kubotan?

A Kubotan is an extremely simple self-defense weapon. Everything about the design of a Kubotan emanates simplicity and minimalism. Because of this, it comes across as being far less threatening than it actually is, which makes it a perfect self-defense weapon.

More often than not, a Kubotan is anywhere from five-inches to six-inches. Due to this short length, they can easily fit in your pocket.

Even though a Kubotan is quite small and short, they can be heavy. But, this depends entirely on the material that your Kubotan is made from. You can find a Kubotan that is made of steel, wood, plastic; along with various other materials. The stronger the material, the heavier it will be.

All you need to do, to use a Kubotan, is to whip out and then strike with it. You can strike with it in just about any way imaginable, and depending on how hard you strike it and where on a person’s body you hit it, the result will be quite painful.

Are There Different Types Of Kubotan?

You can find many different types of Kubotan. Each type of Kubotan is quite similar, since they embrace the basic form of a Kubotan and the same purpose, but the differences will transform your experience using the Kubotan and the amount of damage that it will cause.

Hinderer LK 1 Copper Kubaton
Hinderer LK 1 Copper Kubaton

Some of the most common types of Kubotan include a Kubotan with spikes on the end, a Kubotan keychain, a Kubotan knife, as well as Kubotan that carry things like pepper spray and even small darts and blades within them.

Since Kubotan are, almost always, unassuming, yet capable of inflicting such heavy damage and holding different kinds of self-defense items, they are extremely useful in almost any self-defense scenario.

How Do You Use A Kubotan?

Right before you are able to use a Kubotan, you must know how to hold it. Fortunately, though, holding a Kubotan is extremely simple.

All you need to do, to hold a Kubotan properly, is to grab it in a forward grip. Make sure it’s right in front of you, in a forward grip, so that you can stab or attack the pressure points on your opponent’s body.

Every now and then, though, you may need to perform quick strikes and slashes. For those situations, you must hold a Kubotan in an ice grip.

Both of those grips are simple and, if you use either one of them, you will then be able to use a Kubotan properly.

Kubotan 6 dollars
Kubotan 6 dollars

Right after you have assumed the proper grip, you can then strike or stab with a Kubotan.

To strike with a Kubotan, all you must is swing it down on the nearest point of your attacker’s body. A quick, precise strike should disable that point on their body for a moment, ensuring that you are then able to fight back some more, or to evade the scenario.

To stab with a Kubotan, you must assume an ice grip, and then take the pointy of a Kubotan and force it at your opponent’s body. Any point on their body will disable them. But, for the best stabs – and strikes, for that matter – you should aim for the neck, stomach, forearms, ribs, shins, spine, or groin.

Is Owning A Kubotan Legal?

Purchasing and owning a Kubotan is legal in most places, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of this, they are a great self-defense weapon to own, since their legality is, essentially, universal.

With that being said, however, you cannot take a Kubotan with you, on a plane, in your carry-on luggage. Rather, it must be safely packed in your checked baggage and, more often than not, it’s a good idea to declare it. But, other than that, you will have no problems owning and carrying a Kubotan.


In the end, a Kubotan is one of the best self-defense weapons that you own. By having read this quick guide, you are ready to own and use your own Kubotan!

Kubotan | Bestseller

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