What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is one of electronic signage’s most useful and interesting forms. By reading through this quick guide, you will learn all about what digital signage is, as well as the myriad of benefits that it offers!

What Is Digital Signage?

Right before we can define digital signage, it’s important to define electrical signage and what electrical signage offers.

Electrical signage is, essentially, advertising media that rely heavily on electrical technologies. A large LED display, for example, would be considered a form of electrical signage.

Digital signage is, therefore, a form of electrical signage. Rather than relying on purely electrical mediums – LED lights, for example – digital signage relies heavily on digital mediums. Digital mediums are vast in their possibilities, which allows for some very unique displays to be created and shown.

What Can You Do With Digital Signage?

You can do a tremendous amount with digital signage. The possibilities are truly infinite, while also being affordable and relatively easy to actualize. Because of this, digital signage has become very popular, and it will likely be popular for quite some time.

As for the specific possibilities that digital signage allows for, here are a few examples: allowing for customers to purchase a movie ticket using an automated digital display; displaying the weather on a large outdoor display; a large digital billboard that displays a video advertisement for a particular business or product; along with many, many more examples.

What Benefits Does Using Digital Signage Offer?

The benefits that digital signage offers are vast. Much of this is due to the fact that digital signage is an exceptionally versatile medium, which means you can use it for nearly anything, and it will likely benefit whatever it is you are doing in some tangible way.

For most people, the most significant benefit digital signage offers is ease. Making use of digital signage allows for certain tasks – purchasing a movie ticket, for example – to be much easier, while also requiring less overhead to run properly.

The same argument can be applied to billboards – among other advertising mediums – since a digital billboard does not need to be replaced by hand, each billboard can be updated automatically, and you can even rent out specific hours for specific billboards.

Beyond the convenience that digital signage offers, digital signage is, as mentioned, extremely versatile and tremendously flexible. Both of these qualities mean that certain types of information can be conveyed that you would be unable to convey with traditional electrical signage or, for that matter, any other medium.

The “certain types of information” we are referring to is information such as a daily weather report, which is updated regularly, information regarding flight times, a map that shows which seats in a movie theater have been booked and which ones haven’t; among many others.

Conclusion: Digital Signage Is Versatile And Convenient

In the end, digital signage is one of the most versatile and convenient forms of electrical signage that you can make use of. Regardless of what needs to be conveyed, it’s a virtual guarantee that you can do so with digital signage.

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