What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

When looking to purchase a water softener, you need one that will ideally be regenerating after a week as if you get too big of a water softener it may regenerate after three days which is considered to be too quick, and if it is too small then it won’t regenerate until two weeks down the track which is too long and evidently cause significant damage to the resin beads and therefore if this happens you will find yourself having to replace your water softener once again.

When looking at water softeners and what to choose, like any products there are a few factors that play into picking the perfect water softener for your home and can include things like the hardness of water, water flow, how much water you are using, etc.

The capacity of the water softeners can be measured using the grains leftover from the hardness of the water after the regeneration cycle. Another thing that you will have to take into consideration when purchasing a water softener is the amount of salt efficiency.

Most households are looking at only needing a water softener that holds roughly 32 000 grains or one cubic foot of resin.

Water Softener Setting, Hardness, and Sizing
One of the first things that households need to do before purchasing a water softener for their household is to take a good look and evaluate your household’s water hardness levels. Your water hardness levels measure how much magnesium and calcium is dissolved in your tap water at home.

In some areas, the information will often be issued in terms of grains per gallon. Measuring in grains per gallon is the standard measurement used for the majority of water softeners.

Why Should I Care About Efficiency?
Everybody loves to be seen as being efficient as it not only saves money but helps the environment as the efficiency and the quality of your water softener that you have purchased will determine how much salt you have to purchase, how much salt you will have to carry around and evidently how much salt is ending back up in the atmosphere.

Someone who has done their research into looking for an efficient and ideal water softener to purchase will have considered a water softener that never runs out of soft water and one that will use hardly any salt.

Having the best water softener, in the long run, can also save households money which we all love and if you need to transfer the ownership further down the track, it is a painless and easy process – no mucking around needed.

Overall, so next time you are looking for the perfect water softener to buy for your home and household you can use the information provided and what to look e.g. water hardness, salt consumption.

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