Best Webcams for Windows 10 in 2021

If you are looking for a great webcam that you can use with your Windows 10 computer, then you are at the right place! By reading through this buying guide, you will learn all about how to find the right webcam for your exact needs!

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Best Webcams For Windows 10: A Buying Guide

What Is A Webcam?

A webcam is a small video camera that connects to your computer. Once the webcam is connected to your computer, it is able to capture and record images and videos. Every single image and video that the webcam captures/records is saved onto your computer right after it has been captured/recorded. That way, there is no need for you to transfer the files from the webcam and onto your computer.

Even though webcams function much the same way that regular cameras do, many people use them strictly for video calling. Since video calls require both a camera and a microphone, quite a few webcams have some kind of microphone built in. Due to the presence of both the camera and microphone, engaging in video calls is extremely easy, since the essential components are already present.

Just about every webcam is small and compact. Since they are small and compact, you can set them up in many different ways. If you want the webcam to be on your monitor, right off of your desk, or to the side of your laptop – to name just three examples – then you can easily do so. The mobility and flexibility that webcams offer is immense.

Why Should You Purchase A Webcam?

A good webcam makes video calling exceptionally easy. All you need to do is turn on the video call program, connect to the call, and the people in the call will see and hear you very clearly. For the people who engage in video calls regularly, a good webcam is absolutely indispensable.

Even if you don’t engage in regular video calls, a good webcam is still very nice to have because it makes having those video calls easy. A video call that is plagued with bad connectivity, poor audio, and incomprehensible video can easily lead to miscommunications of all sorts. These days, webcams are fairly inexpensive, so it doesn’t cost a lot to purchase a webcam that makes those issues nonexistent.

Most people use webcams strictly for video calls, but webcams also allow you to take pictures and videos on your own. If you would like to make videos of yourself, or to take various photos, then a webcam is a great device to have. All you have to do is plug it in, set it up in the way that you like, and you can take pictures and videos. If you would like to make video or photographic content, then a good webcam can be an extremely useful tool!

Finding The Right Webcam For Your Windows 10 PC

Is The Webcam Compatible With Windows 10?

The first question that you must ask, with regards to the webcam that you will be purchasing, is whether or not the webcam is compatible with Windows 10. Most webcams, especially these days, are compatible with Windows 10. But, not all of them are, and because of that, you need to do your research and make sure that the webcam is compatible.

If the webcam is incompatible with Windows 10, then you will be unable to use it. Even if you plug it in, it won’t register as being plugged in, and nothing will happen. But, if the webcam is compatible, it will register automatically, and when it does, Windows 10 will automatically install the necessary drivers. That way, you can begin a video call right then and there, or use a piece of software to take photos and videos with your new webcam.

What Image Quality Does The Webcam Offer?

Every webcam tends to differ when it comes to image quality. You can find plenty of webcams that capture images and videos at 480p, and you can just as easily find plenty of webcams that capture images and videos at 1080p; among an assortment of other resolutions.

For the best image quality, you will want to find a webcam that is capable of recording in 1080p. Even though 720p is excellent, it isn’t uncommon for video calls that are in 720p to look a little blurry and hazy. Because of this, finding a 1080p webcam is the best choice, especially if you want the best image quality available.

CAUTION. Even if a webcam claims to record in 720p or 1080p, that doesn’t necessarily mean the video quality is especially great. Brightness and color also play a significant part in creating clear images. Make sure to see some videos and pictures of the webcam’s image quality, before purchasing.

Most of the webcams that you can find will record at either 30 FPS or 60 FPS. For most uses, 30 FPS is more than enough. But, if you want a smoother video, then you should go with 60 FPS. It does not transform the overall video quality that much, though, so it’s far from necessary.

Even though these are far from being the most useful features, they are both extremely useful: some webcams offer autofocus and automatically-adjusting brightness.

By having the autofocus feature, the webcam will automatically adjust itself to focus on what is in front of it. So, if you’re sitting in front of the camera, and you move, the webcam will adjust itself to keep the image clear and visible, ensuring that people on the video call can see you.

The automatically-adjusting brightness feature functions much the same, in that if the brightness in your space adjusts, the webcam will adjust the brightness of what is being recorded.

Does The Webcam Have A Microphone And, If So, What’s The Audio Quality?

As mentioned earlier, most webcams have a built-in microphone. The quality of these microphones tends to vary quite a bit, depending on the webcam that you purchase and the quality of its components. But, as a general rule, if the webcam captures videos and images in high-definition, then there’s a good chance that the microphone will offer a similar level of quality.

While looking at different webcams, take note of the webcams that offer “noise-reduction” features. By having these features, the audio coming into the webcam will be a lot clearer, and the people on the other end of the video call will have a much easier time hearing what you are saying, without all of the noise in the background.

Most of the webcams that you can find only have one built-in microphone. For the most part, this single microphone is more than enough, when it comes to producing clear audio. But, if you can, try to find a webcam that offers two built-in microphones. By having these two microphones, your voice will be recorded with far more clarity than it would be if there was just one microphone.

How Long Is The USB Cable?

Every webcam differs, when it comes to the length of their USB cable. As a general rule, though, it’s best to find a webcam with a USB cable that has a length of at least five-feet. The reason for this is that a five-foot cable makes it so much easier for you to adjust the webcam at any given time. But, if the cable is shorter than five-feet, adjusting the cable can be more difficult, and you have far less mobility.

Even though, for most people, five-feet of cable is more than enough, you may need more if you are looking for peak mobility. Most webcams don’t offer more than five-feet, though, so you can use a USB extension cable. With a USB extension cable, you can move the webcam just about anywhere, making it so much easier to capture videos and images wherever you would like!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Webcam Usually Cost?

The exact answer to this question is “It depends”. You can find a wide assortment of webcams, many of which differ when it comes to their features and price. But, even though this is the case, you can usually find a good webcam that costs anywhere from $40 to $150. The more money you spend, the greater the image and audio quality will be. If you need something that is cheap and affordable, though, then you can easily find it.

Are Webcams Durable?

A good webcam is very durable. Due to high-quality components and a sleek design, a good webcam will last for a long time, ensuring that you don’t need to replace it anytime soon. But, you can find plenty of very inexpensive webcams that offer great image and audio quality, while also being flimsy and poorly made. It really just depends on the webcam.

How Do You Use A Webcam With Windows 10?

To use a webcam with Windows 10, you need to plug it in and then, automatically, the drivers will install. From that, you can use any piece of video calling software to have a video call, or any piece of webcam recording software to record with your webcam!


In the end, there are an assortment of webcams that you can find for Windows 10! If you follow this guide, you won’t have any problems finding the webcam that will work with your Windows 10 computer while fulfilling all of your needs!

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