WOODBRIDGE Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seat: BID 01 vs. BID 02

Woodbridge is a California based company that has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances and bathroom products for over a decade. Their Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seats are fine examples of such work; made to improve hygiene and be easy-to-use, both the Bid 01 and Bid 02 models show off Woodbridge’s expertise in their luxurious design.

But which one is right for you? Below you can find a comparison of these two similar products to help you make a more informed decision.

Bid 01

Here are some of the key characteristics of the Woodbridge Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Bid 01.

Comfort, Convenience and Luxury

The Bid 01 model was designed to combine comfort and convenience in a luxurious package. With a soft closing seat, five different adjustable seat temperature choices, six air dryer levels, unlimited warm water, and the ability to save two preferred settings, this bidet offers plenty of features to enhance your bathroom-going experience.

Safety sensors and LED night lights are also included, making it a great additional feature if you have small children.


A bidet’s worth is measured by its ability to improve hygiene, and this exactly where the Bid 01 shines. The stainless-steel self-cleaning nozzle is not only durable, but can also provide different spray location with five levels of adjustable water pressure, giving you a customizable wash to meet your personal needs.

Reduce Toilet Paper

One of the great advantages of a bidet is how it reduces toilet paper use, helping the environment while also keeping your plumbing from getting clogged and saving you money in the long run. The Bid 01 was designed to reduce costs and maintenance thanks to its wash and dry features.

Bid 02

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Bid 01, it’s time to do the same with the Woodbridge Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Bid 02.

Automatic Deodorization

Unlike most other similar products, the Bid 02 comes with an automatic deodorization feature that eliminates air pollutants. This air purification helps to freshen and deodorize the air after you’re done using the bidet.

Slim and Luxurious Design

The Bid 02 adds elegance to your bathroom thanks to its luxurious super slim design. At only 4.4 inches and with cool white LED auto activate lights, this bidet enhances your bathroom with simple yet effective touches.

Easy-to-Install, Easy-to-Use

Compatible with most elongated toilets, the Bid 02 comes with mounting and hardware connection included, making it extremely easy-to-install.

An intuitive design allows you to easily adjust the settings by simply rotating the button to your preferences.

Similarities and Differences

After going through all that information, what can we say are the main similarities and differences between the Bid 01 and Bid 02?

For starters, both units were designed to be comfortable while offering the utmost convenience, sharing the same features that help improve hygiene and enhance your bathroom-going experience. They both help reduce toilet paper waste by offering a customizable clean that is easily adjustable to suite your needs.

It is not a stretch to say that for the most part the Bid 01 and the Bid 02 are nearly identical when it comes to their main functions. Their main differences stems from their exterior design and a few extra features that were incorporated into the Bid 02.

For example, the Bid 01’s LED night light is a soft blue color, while the Bid 02’s is bright white. The Bid 02 has a slimmer and more elegant design, as well as a rotating button. Another key difference is that the Bid 02 also comes with an automatic deodorization feature which helps refresh the air after use.

Which One Should You Choose?

Overall, there’s not a lot of difference between these two Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seats models. Woodbridge did an excellent job in ensuring that both were high-quality products that would fulfill all the needs of their customers, providing comfort, luxury, and convenience while improving hygiene and helping save toilet paper.

That being said, though the difference is barely noticeable, the extra deodorization feature makes the Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seats Bid 02 the better of the two models.






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