Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger Review

If you are on the market for a good inverter/charger, then the Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger may just be for you. By reading this review, you’ll learn all about this device, and whether or not it gives you what you need.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

Inverter/Charger Review

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Excellent Construction

When you first take this inverter/charger out of its package, you’ll notice just how strong and durable this charger is. It is made of high-quality materials that allow for exceptional durability, ensuring that if you drop this charger/if it falls, it won’t break.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 Review
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

A big part of why this inverter/charger was designed to be so durable is because it isn’t just a regular inverter/charger. Instead, this inverter/charger was built to work in demanding conditions where durability and longevity is required.

More specifically, this inverter/charger was built for marine conditions and RV conditions. Of course, you can use it in many other spaces and for various other purposes, but it works well in RV and marine conditions. Because of that, you can use it in those conditions and it will provide an excellent experience.

Easy To Set-Up

Most inverter/chargers tend to be a little difficult to set-up, due to the complexity of the different components that these machines consist of. But, fortunately, this inverter/charger offers a very easy set-up process.

While the actual process of hooking up this inverter/charger and setting it up is quite easy, there is one attribute that makes things a little challenging. That’s the fact that if you aren’t too familiar with how an inverter/charger works, it can be a little difficult to discern the different features and settings this machine offers, and how to use them.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

But, if you are familiar with how an inverter/charger works, then you won’t have any problems related to that. Plus, there are a few very useful features that make using this machine much easier.

Effective Multi-Stage Charging

To charge your batteries, this inverter/charger relies on a very effective multi-stage charging system. It is a multi-stage charging system that is temperature-controlled, which ensures that the charging temperatures never go higher than they need to be. That way, there’s no safety-issues pertaining to the temperature of this inverter/charger.

What makes this multi-stage charging system so great, though, is the fact that it allows for quick and easy charging. Each stage in the charging system is important in ensuring that your batteries are recharged properly, while also receiving the exact amount of battery-life that they need.

When you are done using the inverter/charger, whatever you were charging will be as charged as it can be. But, more importantly, it will have been charged in a very safe manner, ensuring that things continue to run smoothly and without error.

Extremely Powerful

With this inverter/charger, you have access to 1800-Watts of power. It may not sound like a lot of power, but it definitely is. By harnessing the power that this inverter/charger offers, you are able to charge a wide variety of different batteries, including batteries that are used to power very intensive operations – marine equipment, to name just one example.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

While you are using this inverter/charger, you’ll be using the 30-Amp charger that is an integral part of this machine. By using this charger, you can charge batteries very quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your equipment runs as well as it possibly can.

Very Easy-To-Use

One of the most useful features that this inverter/charger offers is that of its design. If you have never used an inverter/charger before, then performing certain functions can be a little difficult, though, but the overall experience is very simple.

Much of what makes this inverter/charger easy-to-use is the fact that it has a digital remote control and a digital panel. By using those two devices, you have access to all of the system information that you need to determine the current status of the inverter/charger as well as the settings that it’s using.

To go along with that, though, this inverter/charger relies on an automatic transfer switch. Just by pressing this automatic transfer switch you can switch the electric loads – AC and DC, for example – so that the inverter/charger runs as well as it possibly can.

Conclusion: Very Powerful Inverter/Charger

In the end, the Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger is a very well-designed and very powerful inverter/charger. If you need what it offers, then it is a great investment that will serve you well!

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger Review

Xantrex Inverter/Charger

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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