Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N vs. M-FMS-600N vs. OLB-BNSM-6N Mattresses

One of the most important investments you can make is that of buying a good mattress. Notice, we said “good mattress”, not “bad mattress” or “mattress that is kind of good, but not really”. There are a lot of mattresses available on the market, and a lot of these mattresses are, unfortunately, bad.


Many of these mattresses are uncomfortable, and when you have an uncomfortable mattress, this leads to a few problems. So, one of the first problems that a bad mattress brings is the fact that it makes it a lot more difficult for you to sleep. Since the mattress is uncomfortable, it’s hard for you to get comfortable, and since it’s so uncomfortable, your body is a bit more restless because you need to find a way to get comfortable so that you can then fall asleep. Naturally, this means you are getting less sleep.

Not getting enough sleep at night leads to a wide variety of health complications, including greater risks of heart disease and obesity. Along with that, it just makes it harder to function throughout the day, and with a bad mattress, it’s much harder for you to get the sleep that you need.

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A bad mattress also leads to back and shoulder problems. Back problems are one of the most common things that people find themselves afflicted with when they are sleeping on a bad mattress. When you have back problems, it’s a lot harder to sit, stand, and walk, and these back problems can get much worse over time, leading to even further health complications.

In the end, it is incredibly important that you purchase a mattress that is comfortable for you, and that makes it easy for you to sleep and to rest, without creating any health complications.

Zinus OLB-BNSM-6N Mattress

We’re going to be looking at three top mattresses from Zinus, and each one of these mattresses has been designed to make it easy for you to get a goodnight’s sleep, and to prevent things like back problems and discomfort.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will know which one of these mattresses is the very best one for you.

What Does The Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N Offer?

The Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N is made out of memory foam, and memory foam is one of the best materials that a mattress can be made out of, due to the softness and flexibility that it has. It’s a material that conforms to the weight and shape of your body, which makes the experience of resting and sleeping on the mattress as comfortable as it can be.

Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N Mattress

However, this mattress is made out of a new type of memory foam, known as “BioFoam”, and BioFoam is pretty similar to regular memory foam, but instead of using petroleum, which has been known to cause a lot of environmental damage, BioFoam is made out of seed oil. This seed oil is much better for the environment, and it’s also more durable so this mattress will last longer than a mattress made out of regular memory foam.

Since it is made out of BioFoam, the mattress is shipped in a very unique and efficient manner. It’s packed tightly, through the process of folding, and then it can go straight to your door.

In terms of the size of the mattress, there is one-inch of BioFoam, in terms of height, and then five-inches of high-density base support, which keeps the mattress standing strong, while also ensuring that there is good airflow. For length, you have thirty-inches, and for width, you have seventy-five inches. This is a thin twin mattress.

Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N Review

In the end, if you want a good inexpensive mattress, the Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N is one of the best choices out there, and it is environmentally friendly!

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What Does The Zinus M-FMS-600N Offer?

With the Zinus M-FMS-600N, you are getting a mattress that is, all things considered, very similar to the Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N. It’s also a mattress built for narrow twin beds, and it has the same measurements. A length of thirty-inches, and a width of seventy-five-inches.

Zinus M-FMS-600N

However, there are a couple of key differences. The first of which is that the memory foam that is used – which is BioFoam, just like the OLB-GTFM-6N – is 1.5 inches tall, rather than just a single inch. So, depending on how big you are, it might be a little more comfortable. At the very least, it’s a little softer.

Right below that BioFoam, there is a BioFoam support. And this support is 4.5 inches of high-density BioFoam, so this ensures that the mattress will stay strong and sturdy, as you are resting on it, rather than collapsing or becoming weaker.

Zinus M-FMS-600N Mattress

As for any other differences between the OLB-GTFM-6N, and the M-FMS-600N, there aren’t any.

Ultimately, if you want something a little softer than the Zinus OLB-GTFM-6N, then the Zinus M-FMS-600N is an excellent choice.

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What Does The Zinus OLB-BNSM-6N Offer?

Just as the others were thin twin mattresses, so is the Zinus OLB-BNSM-6N, and this is a mattress that also has the same measurements, which are thirty-inches of length, and seventy-five inches of width.


So, one of the big differences that separates the OLB-BNSM-6N from the other mattresses is the fact that castor oil has been spread all across the mattress, and this castor oil prevents things like odors and bacteria from leeching onto the mattress. If you are worried about bacteria forming, or odors, then this is an excellent choice, because the castor oil prevents this from happening.

BioFoam is used, once again, to provide the general surface of the mattress, and this is a very comfortable mattress that feels great to lay down and sleep on. And, due to the castor oil, it does smell nice, too, while also preventing nasty odors from forming.

Zinus OLB-BNSM-6N Review

If you want a mattress that smells the nicest and has the most protection against odors and bacteria, then the Zinus OLB-BNSM-6N is a fantastic choice, and it is a very comfortable mattress!

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