Amazon Basics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

For a good cool mist humidifier, you cannot go wrong with what Amazon Basics offers. That’s why, in this review, you will learn all about what this humidifier offers, and whether or not it’s right for you.

Amazon Basics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Simple, Elegant Design

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this humidifier is its design.

Everything about this design is familiar. But, furthermore, everything about this design is simple, clean, and elegant.

All of these traits come together to create a humidifier that looks nice, and is easy-to-use.

Even though the overall aesthetic is quite familiar, the ease-of-use on display is notable.

No matter what, you will never be confused or uncertain as to how you can use this humidifier, or what needs to be done to activate a particular function.

Since this is the case, if you need a simple and convenient humidifier, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Decent Capacity

The total capacity of this humidifier is 2-liters.

For a humidifier of this price, that’s a decent capacity.

You can fill up the water tank. And, then, after doing so, you will have access to anywhere from 12-hours to 24-hours of humidity.

The exact length of time the water lasts will depend on the humidification settings you use.

Since this is not a particularly large humidifier, you should know that this humidifier is not ideal for large spaces.

For smaller spaces – bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms; among others – this humidifier is perfect.

Useful Knob Controls

Right on the front of this humidifier, there’s a set of knob controls.

You can use these knob controls to adjust the speed of the humidification process.

For faster humidification, you can turn the knob.

For slower humidification, you can turn the knob.

If you speed up the humidification process, you will need to refill the water sooner, rather than later.

If you slow down the humidification process, you won’t need to refill the water as soon as you would normally have to.

Right by the main knobs, there’s another knob.

You can use this knob to adjust the directional nozzle.

By adjusting the directional nozzle, which is located on the top of this humidifier, you can determine where the humidity flows.

That way, if you want humidity to flow in one direction, rather than another direction, you can do this.

All you must do is adjust the knob. That’s it.

Effective Ultrasonic Technology

The humidifier relies on several key mechanisms.

One of the most important mechanisms is that of ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic technology generates soundwaves – ultrasonic soundwaves, specifically – that you are unable to hear.

Even though you cannot hear these soundwaves, they are quite powerful.

So powerful, in fact, that they break down the individual droplets within the water you’ve poured into the humidifier.

By breaking down those droplets, they are then converted into a nice, refreshing cool mist.

The cool mist flows out of the humidifier, and into the space the humidifier is located in.

You will not hear the ultrasonic soundwaves. Because of this, the humidification experience is never distracting, yet always relaxing.

Convenient Essential Oil Tray

For those who enjoy using essential oils, this humidifier has a convenient essential oil tray.

You can pour a few drops of your favorite oil into this tray.

Right after doing so, you can close the tray.

The oil droplets on the tray will be diffused, with the water. That way, your space will be filled with a nice scent that meshes well with the cool mist.

Conclusion: A Great Humidifier

The Amazon Basics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a great humidifier. If that is what you are looking for, then it’s a fantastic purchase.

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