If you are looking for an excellent upright vacuum, then you’ve come to the right place! In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at four excellent Bissell upright vacuums and what they offer. Right after you’re finished reading this guide, you will know which of these upright vacuums is right for you!

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What Does The Bissell 2252 Upright Vacuum Offer?

To start off the buying guide, we have the Bissell 2252 Upright Vacuum. Right away, you are going to notice the sleek, clean, and concise design this upright vacuum possesses. Everything about it looks great, while also being very easy-to-use. Because of this design, the entire vacuuming experience is nearly effortless.

Bissell 2252 Review

Bissell 2252

Within the vacuum, there is a very powerful motor and a Multi-Cyclonic Suction System. By having both of these features, you can use this upright vacuum to clean nearly any floor surface. If you need to vacuum on a carpet, for example, then you can easily do that. If you need to vacuum on a hardwood floor, to name another example, then you can easily do that, as well.

For the vacuuming to be as successful as it can be, Bissell has given this vacuum cleaner a Triple-Action Brush Roll. By using this brush roll, the vacuum can loosen, lift, and remove the dirt, dust, and debris that is on your floors and embedded within rugs and carpets.

To enhance the versatility and functionality of this vacuum, Bissell gives you access to a Pet Tool and a Pet Hair Corner Tool. By using these tools, you can easily reach and access all kinds of different spaces that the main vacuum can’t reach, removing the dirt, dust, and debris within those spaces.

At the end of the day, the Bissell 2252 Upright Vacuum is a fantastic upright vacuum! If you are looking for convenience, efficiency, and affordability, it’s a great choice!

Bissell 2252 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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What Does The Bissell 2254 Upright Vacuum Offer?

The Bissell 2254 Upright Vacuum offers everything that the 2252 offers. In fact, upon first glance, you may not even notice anything particularly unique or distinct about it. If you dive a little bit deeper, though, you’ll find that this upright vacuum offers some excellent features.

Bissell 2254 Review

Bissell 2254

Just as the 2252 was mobile and versatile, so is the Bissell 2254. Much of this is due to the vacuum’s simple, concise design, as well as its lack of weight. But, it also has a swivel steering feature, and because of this feature, you can easily adjust the vacuum cleaner and move it across to different spaces and areas.

For the actual vacuuming, the process is very efficient and effective. The suction power this vacuum cleaner offers is greater than that of the 2252, allowing you to more effectively vacuum on softer surfaces that are especially dense. Plus, this vacuum uses the Triple Action Brush Roll, which makes the experience even easier.

Ultimately, if you thought the 2252 was great, but you need more suction power, then the Bissell 2254 Upright Vacuum is a great choice!

Bissell 2254 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Upright Vacuum Review

What Does The Bissell 2486 Upright Vacuum Offer?

The Bissell 2486 is the most inexpensive upright vacuum in this guide. Yet, despite it’s lower price, it offers excellent suction power and efficiency, allowing for a very effective vacuuming process.

Bissell 2486 Review

Bissell 2486

Just as with the previous Bissell upright vacuums, this vacuum is lightweight and very well-designed. Because of this design, using this upright vacuum is easy and pleasant. But, it does lack the swivel steering features the previous upright vacuums offered.

The suction power this upright vacuum offers is excellent. You can use this vacuum for soft and hard floors. What makes this process even easier is OnePass Technology, which allows you to vacuum large clumps of dirt and dust in, you guessed it, one pass.

In the end, if you need a very affordable upright vacuum that is well-designed and powerful, you can’t go wrong with the Bissell 2486 Upright Vacuum.

Bissell 2486 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

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What Does The Bissell 22543 Upright Vacuum Offer?

To end this buying guide, we have the Bissell 22543 Upright Vacuum. Right away, it’s important to note that this upright vacuum is very similar to the 2254. It offers very few differences, except for greater suction power and an extremely useful pet cleaning tool.

Bissell 22543 Review

Bissell 22543

The pet cleaning tool in question is that of the Pet TurboEraser Tool. Using this tool, you can not only remove large clumps of pet hair from any space or surface, but you can do the same for any other mess.

If that is what you need, and you want what the 2254 offers, then theBissell 22543 Upright Vacuum is a great purchase!

Bissell 22543 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Upright Vacuum Review

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