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The monthly, American journal Consumer Reports has been for over 80 years since it began in 1936. It publishes articles on a wide range of topics from general buying manuals to consumer reviews. They conduct their own research from the magazine’s research center in order to collect and publish data on reviews.

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The magazine is a nonprofit organization (NGO) that prioritizes customer experience and delivers helpful information to consumers.
In 2008, the magazine had close to eight million subscribers, as reported by the company’s spokesperson Kelli Halyard. This included people subscribed to both the print version and digitalized platform. However, this number has gone down to seven million subscribers over the years. Just over half of them are subscribed to the print version, and the rest to the digital.

Although the number of subscribers has gone down, seven million remains a very large amount for a magazine. That said, Consumer Reports is worried that due to the average age of the subscribers, this number will continue to drop. An average subscriber for the print version is sixty-five years old, and for the digitalized platform, the average is at fifty-six years old. In terms of revenue, tax reports have shown that in 2011 the magazine had lost 3 and a half million dollars, and in 2012, they lost two million.

That year, the top managers of the company were contacted about this worrisome information. Clearly, the company was losing money, and was not making any new subscribers. Not only were the numbers of subscribers dropping due to age, but the organization reported that it may be caused by “new competitors who are doing interesting things,” as their numbers plummeted.

There are several of the competitors nowadays. They largely involve individual consumers who will post their own reviews on product websites where you can directly buy these products.

Which Competitors Are These?

The Wirecutter
For the same quality of prose and writing as you can find in something like the Financial Times but about which bathrobe is best for you, this site is a perfect match.

The website is now owned by the Times when it was purchased in 2016 but was originally founded by Brian Lam in 2011. It uses real test uses and research by experts in order to compile thorough and reliable reviews. These reviews may be on just about any kind of product imaginable, for your household or otherwise.

Wirecuter seems to have adopted the Consumer Reports format but has developed beyond its capacities. It is modern and fresh, and for someone who is part of the digital generation of millennials, I am more inclined, quite frankly, to read reviews from a millennial site.

This magazine was started by Ziff Davis. Its full name is PC Magazine, but is called PCMag.

PC Magazine has writers which are experts in the field of technology to produce top-quality articles. One of these experts, for example, is John C. Dvorak. Dvoruck has a column in the magazine, as well as something called “Inside Track,” both of which are some of the most read features of the magazine. The articles written are about all about reviewing and analyzing recent released in the hardware, software, and overall technology world.

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