Hestom NDAP-02 Air Purifier Review

For a great air purifier, you cannot go wrong with the Hestom NDAP-02 Air Purifier. By reading this review, you will learn whether or not this air purifier offers what you need.

Sleek Design

Right away, you will notice this air purifier’s design.

The air purifier is sleek, stylish, and clean.

You will never be confused as to what buttons do what, or how to access the functions this machine offers.

To top it off, while this air purifier is somewhat heavy, the overall design is fairly small.

You can place the air purifier in nearly any space, and you won’t need to worry about too much space being taken up.

Useful Digital Display

You will find a digital display on the front of this air purifier.

For the most part, this digital display doesn’t do much of anything.

But, the digital display does offer one feature; automatic AQI.

The sensors in this air purifier work together to sense the current air quality in your space.

All of the data these sensors produce allow your current air quality to be displayed on the digital display.

You will always know how clean – or how dirty – the air in your space currently is.

Some Useful Purification Modes

To use this air purifier, you will be relying on the air purification modes that are offered.

The three air purification modes are as follows: Auto, Negative Ion, Sleep Mode, Timing Mode.

By using Auto Mode, the air purifier detects the current quality of your air, and adjusts itself to accommodate that air quality.

With Negative Ion Mode, the built-in ionizer is used to remove germs and viruses with greater ease.

Just as the name would suggest, Sleep Mode is a quiet mode that reduces the speed of the fans – and, in turn, the noise they are making.

Timing Mode is a mode that involves using the built-in timer to determine the length of time the air purifier runs for. You can use this mode to automate the air purifier experience.

Designed For Large Spaces

You can use this air purifier to purify spaces as large as 1,500 square-feet.

For large spaces, this is a great air purifier to own.

For smaller spaces, this air purifier is still very useful.

You can place this air purifier in smaller spaces and, in doing so, the air purifier will be able to thoroughly remove the germs, viruses, and allergens within that space.

For spaces larger than 1,500 square-feet, this air purifier is not ideal, though, since those spaces cannot be fully purified.

Air Purification

For this air purifier to purify your air, three filtration systems are used.

The three filtration systems are as follows: a Primary Filter, H13 HEPA-Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter.

The Primary Filter removes larger particles from your air. Some of these particles may be large strands of dust and hairs.

Right after air passes through the Primary Filter, air passes through the H13 HEPA-Filter.

The H13 HEPA-Filter removes allergens and germs.

All of the small particles within your air will be removed, as they pass through the H13 HEPA-Filter.

Right after air is finished passing through the H13 HEPA-Filter, air passes through the Activated Carbon Filter.

The Activated Carbon Filter contains activated carbon which absorbs gases and odors.

Any bad smells within your air will be eliminated.

The same is true of gases from a cigarette or your oven; among various others.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Air Purifier

In the end, the Hestom NDAP-02 Air Purifier is a fantastic air purifier that offers efficiency and convenience.

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