In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This robot vacuum cleaner comes directly from Holife, and it is one of their most notable products. As far as robot vacuums go, it is also one of the most unique devices on the market, with a wide variety of unique features that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. This is one of the many reasons why the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner is such a notable robot vacuum.

HoLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Now, before we dive in, just as a quick refresher, a robot vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that uses robotics technology to automate the process of vacuuming. Instead of having to manually control and move the vacuum cleaner around, on your own, a robot vacuum cleaner does it for you, using sensors and movement technologies.

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What Does The Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offer?

Let’s start off with the basic design. It’s simple and minimalist. Not unlike the other robot vacuums, you will find on the market. But, this design works, and it works very well. There is no denying that.

When using the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you are going to notice that it includes a couple of different methods of vacuuming. Each one of these methods is quite powerful and notable.

HoLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner

First off, there is the sweeping. And then the rolling, and finally, the mopping. With each of these mechanisms in place, the vacuuming process is very efficient and easy, and this ensures that you are able to clean just about everything off of your floors. To aid in this functionality and efficiency, you also have access to five different cleaning modes.

Now, these five different cleaning modes are a bit diverse, and that allows you to clean your floors in whatever manner you choose. The first cleaning mode is “Zig-Zag Cleaning Mode”, which is a cleaning mode that involves moving around in a zig-zag pattern, to clean whatever space the vacuum is in, without missing too many spots. Then, you have “Edge-Cleaning Mode”, which is when the vacuum cleans all of the edges in the space that it is in, without moving outside of the edges.

After that, there is “Spot Cleaning Mode”, which is used for cleaning specific spots that are on the floor. Then, there is “Auto Cleaning Mode”, which gives the vacuum the ability to clean in whatever way the sensors dictate, allowing you to simply sit back and relax, as the vacuum cleans in the manner it deems as ideal. Finally, the last mode is “Schedule Cleaning Mode”, which involves creating a specific schedule for when the vacuum should, and should not, be cleaning, and this dictates when the vacuum is actually vacuuming your home.

To use the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you have four choices. You can use your smartphone, using a simple app that has been developed for this robot vacuum cleaner. There is also a remote control. Then, you have Amazon Echo functionality and self-buttons. Each one of these options makes it easy and convenient to use the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner and to easily and efficiently clean your home.

HoLife Robot Vacuum

Now, one of the most unique features that the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers is a camera and microphone. These are built into the robot vacuum cleaner, and these can be used in real-time, to capture and record audio and video.

One of the ways people use this is by downloading the app for this robot vacuum cleaner and connecting that camera to Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Then, when they are talking to, say, a family member, they can connect to that camera and send live video/audio footage of, for example, the dog.

In many ways, this is an unusual feature, but it’s also a very useful one, and it gives you some extra functionality, while also making it significantly easier to capture video and audio from spaces that are smaller or tighter, and more difficult for a camera to reach into.

Using a gyroscope, and powerful sensors, the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner is able to easily and effortlessly navigate around your home. The sensors pick up the dirt and debris, and wherever they may be, and this data is fed back into the vacuum, and it adjusts accordingly so that it can best accommodate those spaces and that level of dirt and grime.


For an affordable, convenient, and efficient robot vacuum cleaner, you cannot go wrong with the Holife Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This is easily one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market, and with the wide variety of features, it is also one of the most versatile and effective.

HoLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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