With stick vacuum cleaners taking center stage, it’s time to see whether you need one in your home.

MOOSOO K17 Stick Vacuum Review


Powerful suction alongside the ultimate lightweight body ensures a complete cleaning routine from a stick vac, whether you’re cleaning up a quick mess or giving the entire house a spring clean, and there’s one for everyone.

We’re putting a cordless MOOSOO and a corded Shark stick vacuum head to head in the battle of the brands today, to see which one is the better investment, so let’s see which one comes out on top.

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MOOSOO K17 Stick Vacuum

A relatively budget brand, MOOSOO offers its customers fantastic pick up power with their range, and the K17 is no different. With 2 modes of power to provide you with constant suction, you can choose between 10kpa and 17kpa on MAX mode, the perfect combination for those quick pickups as well as the heavier, harder to remove grime that builds up over time.

MOOSOO K17 Stick Vacuum


Looking for lightweight? MOOSOO has your back. With just 4.6lbs to cart around, you’ll find vacuuming much easier, even when reaching up high. Now you don’t have to worry about your vacuum weighing you down and being hard to move, because the K17 is completely versatile.

A mix of stiff and soft brush bristles have been carefully designed to ensure maximum pick up on the K17’s motorized floor head. You’ll find removing surface debris as well as deeply embedded dirt a dream, and no trace of grime getting left behind. Plus, with 3 extra attachments, you’ll find cleaning upholstery and crevices simple and easy.

The K17’s 4 stage high efficiency filtration system is completely sealed, and with the addition of the HEPA filter, you’ll find that all dust, bacteria and dander are trapped once caught. Say goodbye to your allergies playing up as well as those nasty, lingering odors.

MOOSOO K17 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

The more well-known, high-end brand of the two, the Shark Rocket gives you super strong suction to help eradicate both surface debris and trodden in dirt that hang around your carpets and hard floors. It’s got a large dust cup too, and can collect up to 13oz of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark HV302

A slightly heavier model than the MOOSOO K17, the Shark Rocket weighs in at just under 8lbs. So, whilst almost double the weight of the K17, you’ll still find the Rocket incredibly portable and versatile, especially with its built-in Swivel Steering, which gives you extra control for meneuvering around furniture.

For the ultimate versatility, the Shark Rocket can easily be transformed into a hand vac, which makes spot cleaning upholstery and corners all the more simple. Plus, with its home and car Detail Kit Micro Tools, you’ll find that the Rocket can get into the tiniest of spaces and remove dirt effortlessly.

The Shark Rocket is a corded vacuum cleaner, but, with 25ft of cord, you still get incredible range, so you can clean your house without hassle. With its fingertip controls to switch between hard floor to carpet, you’ll get the suction and brush strokes you need to ensure the best clean, and, with a fantastic 8.5” cleaning path, you won’t miss a spot, whilst halving your cleaning time.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

Shark HV302


When it comes to vacuuming, simplicity and suction make for an easy clean, which is why the MOOSOO K17 takes the medal today.

Shark Shark HV302 Review

Shark HV302

With this cordless and completely hassle free vacuum, you can clean your entire home from top to bottom in no time. Its incredible lightweight body ensures an easy job for you, and its redesigned bristle and brush roller means that nothing gets left behind, or tangled. Finally, its top of the range HEPA filter can be trusted, so what’s not to love.

Its only drawback is the fact that it cannot be turned into a hand vac, and that’s where the Shark Rocket shines, because it’s perfect for getting up close and personal with those corners and tough to reach areas. It’s certainly a feature that MOOSOO should have included on the K17.

Overall, MOOSOO’s budget vacuum brand really seem to know how to make their customers smile, and it seems like they could be headed for great things.

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