Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser 1080p Mini Projector Review

Welcome to our deep dive into one of the most anticipated products of the year: the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser 1080p Mini Projector. In the midst of countless devices clamoring for your attention, this one stands out for its remarkable blend of compact design, high-tech features, and user-friendly interface. This article serves as a comprehensive review, guiding you through an unboxing to the final verdict on whether this mini projector is the worthy investment it promises to be.

Key Takeaways

  • The Nebula Anker Capsule 3 is a compact, versatile, and high-performing mini projector.
  • Features such as 1080p resolution, advanced DLP technology, robust battery life, and multiple connectivity options make it a standout in its category.
  • Despite a relatively high cost and less-than-optimal performance in bright lighting conditions, the overall value proposition is robust.

Understanding the Basics 

What is a Mini Projector?

A mini projector, as the name suggests, is a compact, portable version of a regular projector. Engineered to be easily transportable and convenient to set up, it makes projecting images and videos on a larger screen an effortless task.

Why Choose a Mini Projector?

There’s a sense of liberation in having a pocket-sized device that can transform any surface into an entertainment hub. Whether it’s for professional presentations, education, gaming, or movie nights, the adaptability of mini projectors like the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 opens a world of possibilities.

Product Details 


At first glance, the sleek design of the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 is hard to ignore. This projector weighs only 1.8 pounds, featuring a resolution of 1080p with a 5000mAh battery that promises hours of playtime.

Key Features 

Notably, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 comes with advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology that enhances image quality, built-in speakers for excellent audio, and a plethora of connectivity options.

Unboxing the Nebula Anker Capsule 3

Package Inclusions

The projector comes in a minimalist, eco-friendly box, including a remote control, power adapter, and a user manual to guide you through setup and operation.

First Impressions

As you hold this device in your hand for the first time, it feels robust and well-made. The Nebula Anker Capsule 3 impresses with its glossy finish and compactness, embodying a perfect blend of style and convenience.

A Deep Dive into the Features

Image Quality and Resolution

Our first test is image quality. With a resolution of 1080p, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 delivers sharp, vibrant images. The DLP technology is truly a game-changer, optimizing image clarity even in less-than-ideal light conditions.

Sound Quality 

The audio quality is surprisingly rich for a projector of this size. The built-in speakers deliver clear, immersive sound, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Connectivity Options

With options for HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 makes it easy to connect your devices and stream content effortlessly.

Battery Life

Despite its small size, this projector boasts a powerful battery. A single charge provides up to 3 hours of playtime, making it perfect for long movies or presentations.

Portability and Design

Portable, stylish, and user-friendly, this projector encapsulates what modern consumers crave: tech-savvy convenience that doesn’t compromise on style.

Setting Up the Nebula Anker Capsule 3

Step-by-step Setup Guide

The setup is straightforward: connect your device, select your media, focus the lens, and you’re all set. If any issues arise, the user manual provides clear instructions to troubleshoot.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The user interface of the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 is intuitive, making navigation a breeze even for non-tech savvy users. It’s a win for those who value simplicity and ease of use.

Comparisons with Similar Products

Nebula Anker Capsule 3 vs. Capsule 2

When compared to its predecessor, the Capsule 2, our device under review shows significant improvements in resolution, sound quality, and battery life. While both share a similar compact design, the Capsule 3 takes the edge with its advanced features and enhanced performance.

Comparing with Other Brand Mini Projectors

In the broader market of mini projectors, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 holds its own. Its strong performance, sleek design, and high-quality projection often surpass competitors in the same price range.

The Good and The Bad

Pros of the Capsule 3

The advantages of this mini projector are manifold. Exceptional image and sound quality, coupled with user-friendly interface, robust battery life, and excellent portability, make it a top-notch choice.

Cons of the Capsule 3

On the downside, the projector may not perform as well in brightly lit environments. Also, while its price tag is justified by its features, it might not be a first-choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Use Case Scenarios

Ideal Situations for the Capsule 3

The Capsule 3 shines in a multitude of scenarios – from home movie nights and gaming sessions to business presentations or educational setups. Its compact size and robust features make it adaptable to a variety of use cases.

Less Ideal Situations for the Capsule 3

It may fall short in environments with excessive light or for those seeking a permanent, high-end home theater setup. Moreover, its premium pricing could be a deal-breaker for some.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers praise the Capsule 3 for its picture and sound quality, intuitive interface, and the convenience it brings to their entertainment experience.

Negative Customer Reviews

Negative feedback often revolves around the projector’s suboptimal performance in bright lighting conditions and the relatively high cost.

Price and Where to Buy

Pricing Details

While more expensive than average mini projectors, the Capsule 3’s advanced features and performance justify its price.

Best Places to Purchase the Capsule 3

It is available at numerous online retailers, including Amazon and the Anker official website. Make sure to buy from reputable sources to secure warranty benefits.


In conclusion, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 embodies what modern consumers demand: a compact, high-performing, and user-friendly device. Despite a few minor drawbacks and a somewhat premium price, its high-quality projection, robust battery life, and versatile connectivity options make it a strong contender in the mini projector market. Whether for personal entertainment or professional use, the Capsule 3 is a solid investment that’s worth considering.


Can I connect multiple devices simultaneously to the Nebula Anker Capsule 3?

Yes, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 supports multiple connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. However, it can only display content from one device at a time.

How do I adjust the focus on the Nebula Anker Capsule 3?

Adjusting the focus on the Capsule 3 is simple. You can use the manual focus wheel located on the side of the projector to adjust the image until it’s clear.

Is the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 compatible with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?

Absolutely, you can stream content from popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu directly via the Capsule 3. The projector’s operating system comes with pre-installed apps and also allows the addition of new ones.

Can the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 project content in daylight?

While the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 delivers best performance in low-light or dark environments due to its 1080p resolution and advanced DLP technology, it can still project images and videos in daylight. However, for optimal image quality, it’s recommended to use the projector in dimly lit or dark rooms.

Does the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 support 3D content?

No, as of now, the Nebula Anker Capsule 3 does not support 3D content. It is designed to project 2D content with exceptional clarity and color.

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