Paul Mitchell vs. CHI Flat Irons

Hair as straight and perfect as a ramp model’s hair. Ever since hair straightening has become a fashion trend, the flat iron has been one of the most common and (necessary?) styling tool in every girl’s dresser. It is what has probably replaced curling irons and hair rollers that were once considered to be essentials.

In today’s market, the two brands that have become popular are Chi and Paul Mitchell. Both brands have been started by hairdressers . Chi is a company that started in Texas, while Paul Mitchell started in Beverly Hills. Both are pretty trusted brands and both have their own versions of flat straightening irons.

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The Chi Original 1” flat iron is a popular model among may hair straightening fans due to its reliability and affordability. Paul Mitchell is another brand of choice for hair irons although buying one can definitely eat into one’s budget.

For those who are planning to get their own flat irons, the choices may lead to some difficult decision making. Which one can meet your expectations?

The Brands
Both Paul Mitchell and Chi are established brands when it comes to hair products and hair styling tools. Both have been established in big US cities – Chi in Houston, Texas and Paul Mitchell in Beverly Hills, LA.

Shi has established itself as a leader in hairstyling products and tools. Paul Mitchell is known for its products which cater more to professional stylists.

Chi has a wider array of flat irons to choose from. They offer different designs and styles that can meet one’s design preference. Chi’s flat irons are known under the name Chi G2, the Original and Deep Brilliance Titanium.

The designs of Paul Mitchell irons are more conservative and minimalist since these aim to give a more professional feel and look. Although some models may come in more vivid colors, the more popular models come in black and more neutral colors.

Among the many models of Chi, the Chi Original is said to be its bestseller. For Paul Mitchell, it is the Ion Express. It is, therefore, best to compare these two models head on.

The Chi Original comes in one color and that is matte black. It is more simply designed having mostly straight lines and angles. It also appears to be more ergonomic for easy handling. The straightening plate of the Chi Original is made of ceramic tourmaline and comes in only one size – 1”.

Besides, the power switch placed inside the clamp, there are no other physical buttons on the Chi Original. An LED lamp that indicates if the iron is ready for use can be seen right besides the power switch. Both the power switch and LED lamp are quite well-positioned so they do not get accidentally touched during operations.

The Paul Mitchell Ion Express makes use of a different design principle compared to the Chi Original. The Ion Express comes in either 1.25” or 1.5”. It can also come in either black or pink, although the pink color is available only for the 1.25”-sized model.

Unlike the Cci Original, the Ion Express is more angled. The handles of the Ion Express are narrow, but as the lines progress towards the heating plates, they become wider. The plates of the Ion Express are different from the Chi Original since they are cushioned ceramic plates. The power button of the Ion Express is also well-positioned inside one of the clamps. The LCD lamp though is located in one of the handle’s exterior.

The Paul Mitchell styling iron offers more controls compared to the Chi Original. The Chi Original is quite simple to use since all that needs to be done is to plug the iron an wait until the iron is ready to use. The LED lamp lights up when the iron is ready to use.

It doesn’t take time for the plates of the Chi Original to heat up to its maximum of 392 degrees Fahrenheit given its flash-quick heating technology. The plates emit both negative ions and far-infrared that reduce static for smoother styling.

While the Chi Original offers a much more simple approach to styling, the Paul Mitchell Ion Express offers more control.

The mode buttons on the Ion Express allow the user to switch temperature displays from F to C and vice-versa. There is also a timer button that allows the control the time needed to complete one round of straightening.

The Ion Express also has temperature control settings that allow the user to set heating temperatures that are more fit to the user’s hair type.

The ceramic plate of the Ion Express is made from volcanic materials that produce negative ions and far-infrared, just like the plates of the Chi Original. This material, which the Paul Mitchell company named as the Express Ion Complex, allows more even heat distribution which leads to less frizz during styling.

Styling Results
Both the Chi Original and Paul Mitchell Ion Express produce good styling results. The features that the Paul Mitchell Ion Express has though makes it a bit more versatile for different hair types.

The plates of the Chi Original have been designed to minimize static during styling. The design and materials used are meant to prevent dryness as well.

Although the Chi Original can be used for different hair lengths and types, the size of the plates and lack of temperature settings make them ideal for thick or coarse hair types and hair of medium length.

The Paul Mitchell Ion Express fives better control and customization in terms of styling, mainly due to the temperature settings that it provides. This means that the temperature can be adjusted for different hair types and textures. The two different plate sizes also give them a broader working area, making these useful even for long hair.

Both the Chi Original and Paul Mitchell ion Express are not limited for hair straightening purposes alone. They may also be used for creating flips, curls and waves. This is what makes these hair irons so useful as styling tools whether for casual use or for those special occasions.

Final Words
Straightening irons are styling tools that offer much when it comes to styling options. Which they use mainly for hair straightening, these irons do have their use when it comes to creating other hairstyles, such as those beach waves or curls to create that look for that special occasion.

Flat Iron | Recommended

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Flat Iron | Recommended

Last update on 2024-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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