Shark ION P50

Cordless stick vacuums are some of the most useful vacuums on the market. Unlike upright vacuums, which are tall and bulky, cordless stick vacuums are still tall, but they are much thinner and significantly easier for you to move around.

Using an excellent cordless stick vacuum, you have the freedom and mobility to clean just about anything. Some of these cordless stick vacuums do have relatively weak motors, though, which does make it more difficult to vacuum certain things. Things such as carpets and rugs, and other thicker surfaces, as well as dirty spaces.

In today’s buying guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at three of the best cordless vacuums from Shark. These are the Shark ION F80, the Shark X40, and the ION P50. With the ION P50, you are getting a cordless Upright Vacuum, that utilizes all of the basic principles of cordless stick vacuum design. You are going to learn all about the unique features and attributes that these vacuums offer, and once you have finished reading this guide, you will know which of these cordless stick vacuums is the best one for you!

Shark ION X40 vs. F80 vs. P50

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What Does The Shark ION F80 Offer?

With a weight of 8.5 pounds, the Shark ION F80 is not a heavy or cumbersome cordless stick vacuum. Instead, it is very lightweight and very easy to pick up and move around. You can hold it in one hand with ease, and the design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, though, the design is ergonomic. And, by this, we are referring to the fact that using the vacuum and doing things with it is incredibly simple, and not at all difficult or problematic.

Shark ION F80 vs. X40 vs. P50

Using an upright vacuum, you are very restricted and confined. But, using the Shark ION F80, you can clean just about anything. And one of the ways that the Shark ION F80 does this is through the use of MultiFLEX Technology.

Here’s how that works, as you are moving the vacuum around, there might be spaces that are a little harder to reach. You can then bend the wand of the vacuum, which makes it a lot easier to maneuver the vacuum into those difficult spaces. Spaces such as underneath the bed and tight corners and crevices.

MultiFLEX Technology gives you a lot more reach, and this gives you a lot more freedom. Using this technology, it’s significantly easier for you to clean most things, and that is something to take note of. There are a lot of stick vacuums that are still quite limited in this regard, but that is not the case with the Shark ION F80, which gives you that freedom.

For storing the vacuum, MultiFLEX Technology is also used, and you can use this technology to fold the vacuum up, and then you can put the folded up F80 into the closet, or another small space, where it will be nice and safe.

If you want to clean spaces that are extremely small, or delicate, with the press of a button, the F80 turns into a Handheld Vacuum.

As for the power, you can clean just about any hard floor easily. Softer floors, such as carpets and rugs, aren’t as easy. In terms of battery life, you have access to eighty-minutes, on a single charge.

If you want a cordless stick vacuum with a long battery life and a decent amount of power, as well as an excellent design that makes it easy to use and maneuver, the F80 is a great choice!

Shark ION F80

What Does The Shark X40 Offer?

With the Shark X40, you are getting a vacuum that gives you forty-minutes of battery-life. That’s half the battery-life the F80 gives you, but you also need to keep in mind the fact that the X40 is quite a bit more powerful than that of the F80, and as a result, it uses more battery-life to sustain this power.

Shark ION X40 Stick vacuum

Unlike the Shark ION F80, the Shark X40 is good at cleaning carpets and rugs, as well as all kinds of other surfaces. This is due to the powerful motor which provides a great deal of suction, and it is also due to the fantastic brush roll.

Using the brush roll, a series of fine bristles move across the carpet – or any floor that you are vacuuming, and then these bristles move back and forth, and they gather the dirt and dust that is on the carpet. From this, they are sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Due to the strength, and length, of each bristle, you can deep clean a carpet with immense ease.

Two brush rolls are used for this entire process, and each one is well equipped with many strong bristles that make the entire vacuuming process almost effortless.

If you need to clean smaller spaces, then you can turn the X40 into a handheld vacuum. Unfortunately, it doesn’t utilize MultiFLEX Technology, so this does limit its mobility.

For a strong and powerful cordless stick vacuum, the X40 is a very nice choice!

Shark ION X40

What Does The Shark ION P50 Offer?

As mentioned in the beginning, the Shark ION P50 is a cordless upright vacuum that, nevertheless, looks a lot like a cordless stick vacuum, and utilizes the basic design principles of stick vacuums.

Shark ION P50 vs. F80 vs. X40

When using the P50, you have access to an “Upright Mode”, a “Stick Mode”, and a “Handheld Mode”.

With the Upright Mode, you can do deep cleaning on carpets and especially dirty floors. With the Stick Mode, the vacuum is a bit lighter and it is easier for you to clean in smaller spaces. Finally, with Handheld Mode, you have a handheld vacuum that can clean on upholstery and in especially tiny spaces.

Using the Shark ION P50, you have access to fifty-minutes of battery-life. And, the motor and brush rolls are strong and well-made so you can clean just about any type of surface.

At the end of the day, if you want a cordless upright vacuum that gives you options when vacuuming, then the Shark ION P50 is an excellent choice!

Shark ION P50 Stick Vacuum

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